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With the Multi FX Bar, Cameo provides an all-round lighting solution for small to medium-sized events. It combines two LED flat PARs, a pair of LED derbies, four strobe LEDs and a grating laser. The effects can be controlled individually or in combination. Cameo has also considered the typical working conditions at such events. So, they have included a wireless foot-controller and an IR remote in the set. Let us take a closer look.

Fast set-up
The lighting effect bar is supplied in a convenient transport bag. The manufacturer clearly has mobile DJs and musicians in mind. The rugged carry bag is well-designed both externally and internally and is equipped with compartments for the bar and the individual lights. This will prevent any movement during transport.

The lighting components are supplied pre-installed on the bar. All that remains to be done is the orientation via the locking screws. Even the internal cabling and connections are already in place. After the event, the fittings are loosened and the individual units are returned to a vertical position. The lighting unit then slots straight into the rectangular soft case.

Construction and assembly
The bar, mountings and spotlight housings are made of metal. This is sufficiently robust, but altogether weighs just 6.3 kilos. Mounted from left to right are a derby, the two LED flat bars and then another derby. The four separate strobe lights are evenly distributed across the front side of the bar, alongside the microphone for sound-to-light control and the sensor for the IR remote control. The grating laser is positioned on the top of the mounting bar, next to the antenna for wireless reception. The safety rope eyelet is also located here. The laser has a cylindrical design and is supported by two mounts. A lock nut holds it in position.

The connection panel on the back houses the power sockets, namely an IEC mains socket with fuse holder and an IEC power-out for extra spotlights (maximum 3 A). On the other side are the three-pin DMX output and input sockets, a connection for a wired emergency off switch, the lock for the laser and the rotary potentiometer for the microphone sensitivity. Finally, we have the 4-digit LED display and its four operating buttons: Mode, Enter, Up and Down.

On the underside of the bar is a robust flange for stand-mounting. The set includes truss-brackets with lock nuts to facilitate wall-installation of the FX bar, for example. It also includes a wireless foot-controller, an IR remote control, 2 keys for the laser lock and a short-circuit connector, with which the grating laser is activated if no external emergency stop switch is used.

In use
The effects bar can be used in stand-alone or master/slave modes, utilising the available factory auto-programmes, music control and a 2-, 5- and 29-channel DMX mode. The lighting can be individually configured and controlled to create optimum effects.

Factory programmes and DMX control
The available factory programmes are plentiful (there are at least 46) and varied. They run both in automatic and music control modes. I like the fact that the manufacturer has not just focussed on sales-generating bombastic programmes, but incorporated a wide range of shows, from sparse, restrained scenes with only one or two active spotlights, up to the interplay of all components. The presets are fun and create a desire for more.

If you want to make it more individual, you can control the Cameo Multi FX Bar in 2-, 5- or 29-channel mode. Here you can individually control each unit via the main and sub-groups. You can configure static colours and their intensity, running direction, colour change including speed as well as strobe speed on the derbies, LED PARs and strobe flashlights.

An additional special feature of the RGB flat PARs is UV light. While the colour dimmer is infinitely variable from 0 to 100 percent, the strobe effect range is 1–20 Hz. The DPSS laser with red and green LEDs features Blackout, Strobe-open (i.e. without strobe effect) and options for strobe speed and direction of rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

The laser is activated either by using a separate emergency stop switch, or by inserting the short-circuit connector (included) in the corresponding socket. As long as neither one nor the other security option is active, the laser remains inactive. The auto presets 41–46 show off what the laser can do, and these are really worth seeing.

According to the manufacturer, the wireless foot-controller has a range of 10 metres. A practical test confirms this, and the range is actually greater. Thereafter it becomes a little unreliable. So, for best results, stay within the recommended range. For most applications, this should not pose any major problems.

The foot-controller is light and robust and will easily withstand a heavy stomping. Everything works perfectly, the feel underfoot and response is excellent. If the manufacturer had provided some protection against dust between the footswitches and the housing, I would be completely happy.

The extremely compact IR remote control can be used to select all functions, which are also available via the control buttons on the display.

Conclusion (4.5 / 5)
The Cameo Multi FX Bar provides a successful all-round technical lighting solution, practically installed on a bar, and with short cable runs. This all-round set facilitates discreet background lighting as well as impressive lighting scenarios. Most bands or DJs will probably invest in two of these FX Bars, placing one on the left and one on the right of the stage. And even then, the purchase price remains manageable. As such, the Multi FX Bar from Cameo earns an unconditional purchase recommendation.

Flexible 5-in-1 solution
Static and moving light
Quick set-up
Wireless foot-controller and IR remote included

Foot-controller for wireless control is not protected against dust
Cameo Multi FX Bar Test Cameo Multi FX Bar, 5-in-1 DMX Light Effect Bar
Cameo Multi FX Bar, 5-in-1 DMX Light Effect Bar (Image: Cameo)

LED FX light effect bar with strobe and laser
2 PAR spots with 12 x 12 W RGB+UV LEDs
2 derbies with 6 x 3 W RGB LEDs
1 grating laser with 200 mW – red = 150 mW, green = 50 mW – DPSS laser
Laser class 3R
Colour spectrum laser effect: red LED (650 nm), green LED (532 nm)
Laser shutdown (safety function): Locking switch, external emergency stop switch
Strobe with 4 white 3 W LEDs
Rapid set-up, pre-installed on cross-beam with stand insert
Transport bag, wireless foot-controller, infrared remote control and brackets for truss-mounting
46 integrated programmes
Automatic, display, DMX, IR remote, wireless foot-controller or sound-control modes
DMX-in and-out: 3-pin XLR male
DMX mode: 5-, 2- and 29-channel DMX functions: Laser, Auto programmes, Derby, Strobe, Sound Sensitivity
Stand-alone modes: Colour, Slave Mode, Sound programmes, Auto-programmes
Operating controls: Down, Enter, Mode, Up
Four-digit LED display
Power supply: IEC input and output
Power consumption: 120 W
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°
Housing material: metal
Housing colour: black
Cooling: fan
Dimensions (W/H/D): 1100 x 60 x 60 mm
Weight: 6.3 kg
MSRP: 572 euros