Bouncing like in the club – LD Systems & Cameo in the Hyperspace trampoline parks

The operators of the Hyperspace venues in Bologna and Milan know what characterises a modern trampoline park: when bouncing, visitors should not feel like they are in a gym, but rather in a club! Dynamics was the word of the day, and this necessitated lighting and audio components that could keep up with these requirements. For this, the Italian installation service provider ETEK Srl. relied on various Cameo spotlight models and sound systems from LD Systems, which don’t lose their grip even under the toughest conditions.


Sound system

To ensure that trampoline fans are not distracted by unnecessarily clunky technology and can still enjoy an uncompromising audio experience, ETEK relied on the CURV 500 TS arrays from LD Systems. The combination of CURV 500 S2 array satellites, D SAT duplex satellites and CURV 500 TS bass reflex subwoofers ensures an assertive sound with ample bass pressure in any Hyperspace. The individual sound zones are controlled via an LD Systems ZONE X 1208 DSP audio matrix.


The Hyperspace locations use a mixture of Cameo THUNDER WASH washlights with different LED configurations (RGB, RGBW, and UV) and MOVO BEAM Z100 beam moving heads. While the THUNDER WASH mainly provide wide-area, coloured illumination of the individual areas, the MOVO BEAM heads primarily provide club-suitable lighting effects. A Cameo DVC PRO USB-to-DMX interface with D4 DMX software serves as the control centre.

The following products are used in the Hyperspace trampoline parks:

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