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NicLen DryHire invests in Outdoor Hybrid Moving Head Cameo OTOS H5

A growing portfolio – NicLen invests in the Cameo OTOS H5, F Series and ZENIT W600 SMD

In 2018, Cameo celebrated its debut in the NicLen GmbH rental park with the ZENIT Series. Since then, Germany’s leading dry hire provider has been adding Cameo products to its line-up year after year....
Expertise for Lumen Beings by Cameo Light: Herbert Bernstädt explains White light - everything you need to know about lighting and spotlight technology

Expertise for Lumen Beings: White light

Expertise for Lumen Beings: Lighting specialist Herbert Bernstädt now offers everything you need in all areas of lighting and spotlight technology. In the first edition of the series, the experienced lighting expert and development...
Cameo Light Installation F2 FC LED Fresnel Spotlight at Gubsø Garage classic car exhibition

Oldtimers seen in a new light – Cameo F2 FC lights up the classic car exhibition in Denmark

Don’t be misled by the name “Gubsø Garage”. This modern event and conference centre in the Danish city of Silkeborg is a versatile venue with a wide range of options. However, in the case...
Cameo Installation OPUS X Profile and OPUS S5 and F Series Fresnel Spotlights at Musical Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde – Cameo Lights Up Broadway Entertainment’s Musical

The Germans love their musicals. Every year at the famous venues in Hamburg, Stuttgart or Berlin, companies stage enormous show productions that can easily hold their own against international shows. In recent years, even...