Cameo sets the stage for big politics – AV MEDIA EVENTS invests in Cameo F2 T

AV MEDIA EVENTS, a member of the VISUAL COMUNICATION group from the Czech Republic offers comprehensive lighting services for indoor and outdoor events in addition to video, audio and conference technology. The range extends from small conferences and stage shows to live sporting events, TV shows and touring productions. In 2022, AV MEDIA EVENTS has again increased its event technology portfolio and invested in 20 pieces of Cameo F2 T Fresnel lights with Tungsten LED. The F2 T had their premiere at the Aspen Institute’s annual conference “Kam kráčíš, Česko/Evropo 2022” at the end of November in the Church of St. Anne in Prague.

Cameo Light Installation at Kam kráčíš, Česko/Evropo 2022 with Fresnel lights F2 T Tungsten AV MEDIA EVENTS Investment

AV MEDIA EVENTS uses the Cameo F2 T mainly for stage lighting at conferences, conventions and other events. For Jan Kadlec, Manager of Product Development, however, the compact Fresnel spotlights are also suitable for studio productions or static art installations.

“In perspective, the Cameo F2 T will be used by us wherever high-quality lighting with natural colours is required.”

Jan Kadlec, Manager of Product Development AV MEDIA EVENTS

Application premiere

At the annual Aspen conference on the political, economic and social development of the Czech Republic at St. Anne’s Church, AV MEDIA EVENTS used the F2 T to illuminate the central podium stage, where both individual talks and panel discussions took place. The keynote speech by the current Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala kicked opened the event, followed by a panel discussion with the former heads of state of Finland and Slovakia.

For the front lighting, the AV MEDIA EVENTS team placed the F2 T on high lighting stands, while other fixtures at the side of the stage provided targeted lighting for people and the stage background.

Investment in the future

Started as a small company 30 years ago, AV MEDIA EVENTS grow into an international team of more than 200 employees. From the very beginning, the company has relied on high-quality equipment from renowned brands. After investing in the F2 T LED Fresnel lights, AV MEDIA EVENTS is already on the lookout for further Fresnel spotlights with cool white or adjustable colour temperature…

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AV MEDIA EVENTS has invested in the following products:

20x Cameo F2 T LED Tungsten Fresnel Spotlight

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