From zero to success – Alte Werft event location in Bremen is counting on Cameo

Alte Werft is an extraordinary project of the coronavirus era: launched in 2021 as an initiative to ensure training quality, the trainees of JOKE Event AG were able to transform the abandoned shipyard warehouse into a modern event location completely on their own responsibility. The result is the largest fully furnished event location in Bremen, which was even honoured as “Host of the Year” with the tourism award of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven in 2023. The young team also used Cameo lights, such as the ZENIT W600 LED Wash Light and the F Series LED Fresnel Spotlights, to illuminate Alte Werft.

Cameo Light Installation at Event Location Alte Werft Bremen with ZENIT W600 Wash Light ZENIT B200 Wash Light F2 Fresnel Spotlight

“There was basically nothing in the hall,” recalls Lars Corus, responsible for technology purchasing at JOKE Event AG. In fact, the trainees first had to lay electricity, ensure escape routes, install sanitary facilities, and much more, before the 2,500-square-metre hall was ready for the installation of rigging and event technology as well as the further design as an event location. “Originally, Alte Werft was only intended as a pop-up location and was limited to six months,” adds Jens Göbel, Technical Director of Alte Werft. However, the success was so overwhelming that Alte Werft quickly became a permanent fixture for conferences, corporate events, live events, and more in the Bremen area. “Thanks to the full equipment – including the permanently installed event technology as a plug-and-play solution – we save a lot of time and resources in day-to-day operations,” explains Corus. “It also makes events easier and safer for customers to organise, even in fast-moving times with shorter and shorter lead times.”

The team relies on a combination of ZENIT W600 LED Wash Lights and F2 T and F1 T Fresnel Spotlights with tungsten LEDs to flexibly illuminate the hall, which is divided into several individual areas. “We needed an outdoor LED floodlight that was rugged enough to work even in winter, when the hall is not constantly heated,” explains Göbel. “In addition, the ZENIT W600 consumes very little power and can also be controlled wirelessly if required, which fits in perfectly with our concept.”

While the ZENIT W600s are used as coloured ambient background lighting in the large hall, the F2 T Fresnel Spotlights are used both as front lighting for the conference stage and for the targeted illumination of objects and plants with warm-white light. “The F1 T is perfect for use in lounge areas, where we don’t need the powerful output of the F2 T, but just want to set a few pleasant accents in the seating areas,” explains Göbel.

In addition to Alte Werft and the neighbouring Garage, the JOKE Event AG team also runs another smaller location in a historic water tower. Primarily used for exclusive conferences and workshop events for up to around 100 people, this location features F1 T Tungsten Spotlights, accompanied by the battery-powered ZENIT B200 LED Wash Lights.

The following Cameo products are used at Alte Werft, Garage and Kommode:

63x ZENIT W600 Outdoor LED Wash Light
08x ZENIT B200 Battery-Powered Outdoor LED Wash Light
36x F2 T Fresnel Spotlight with Tungsten LED
30x F1 T Fresnel Spotlight with Tungsten LED

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