Cameo goes to ISE 2024 with its own booth – new lighting technology highlights and an exclusive outlook

From January 30 to February 2, Cameo – the Adam Hall Group’s lighting technology brand – will be presenting its new product highlights at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. The Cameo stand is located at 1E500 in the new Hall 1, “Lighting & Staging”. The focus will be on the AZOR and OTOS moving head series in particular, complemented by a variety of other spotlights for installation, broadcast and theatre applications, including the new ZENIT models and the PIXBAR G2 LED bars. In addition, Cameo will be giving an exclusive preview of two special highlights for 2024: keywords being “Illuminate Beyond Limits” and “The Blueprint of Tomorrow”…

Cameo Light at Integrated Systems Europe ISE 2024 Fair with professional lighting solutions

AZOR® – Compact Design. Do Epic.

For many years, the moving heads in the AZOR Series have impressed with their combination of compactness, versatility and highly efficient optical systems in top quality. With the AZOR SP2 (Spot Profile Moving Head) and AZOR W2 (Wash Moving Head), Cameo is now expanding the AZOR family with two professional lighting tools for flexible use in medium-sized applications. The AZOR SP2 is based on a 300 W LED light source with 13,000 lumens of luminous flux and a large zoom range of 5°-50°. It supplements the advantages of a classic spotlight with motorised framing blades (+/- 60° rotatable) on four levels. The AZOR W2 combines seven individually controllable 40 W RGBL LEDs and a zoom range of 4°-50° for classic wash looks. A special feature is the eclipse burst effect: behind a dark filter are four segment SMD LEDs, which create fascinating stroboscopic and pixel effects and greatly expand the wash light’s range of applications.



OTOS® WASH – Ride Vibrant.

With the IP65 moving heads in the OTOS Series, Cameo has landed a direct hit with the riders of outdoor events. After the spot, beam and hybrid models staged the christening of the AIDAcosma and the coronation concert of King Charles III, among others, Cameo is now expanding the OTOS Series with three new models: the OTOS W12, OTOS W6 and OTOS W3. The OTOS WASH IP65 Wash moving heads are equipped with individually controllable RGBL LEDs and each has a separately controllable FX LED effect ring for the creative use of white tones and colours. A special feature of the new OTOS WASH Series is the multi-zoom function. Depending on the model, up to three zoom levels can be controlled individually. The versatility of the OTOS WASH Series is rounded off by the integrated W-DMX and CRMX transceiver for the wireless transmission of DMX and RDM data.

Cameo Light OTOS IP65 Wash Moving Head OTOS W12 OTOS W6 OTOS W3
OTOS® Wash Series

The other Cameo highlights at a glance:

Cameo PIXBAR G2 IP65 LED Bar

IP65 LED bars with an innovative connection system for creative and easy-to-implement lighting designs, whether vertical or horizontal on truss, or standing on a floor plate – nominated for the Inavation Award 2024, supported by InAvate and ISE, in the “Events Technology” category.

Cameo ZENIT W300 TW Outdoor Wash Light

IP65 LED wash light with Tunable White LEDs and 21,000 lumens, SnapMag technology and W-DMX transceiver.

Cameo ZENIT W300 SMD Outdoor Wash Light

IP65 LED wash light with 270 SMD RGBW LEDs and 19,000 lumens, six individually controllable segments and a boost function for extremely bright blinder effects.

Cameo F2 FC+ Professional Fresnel Spotlight

F2 FC+
Fresnel spotlight with RGBAL LED, high CRI and TLCI, infinitely variable 18°-55° zoom and infinitely variable adjustment of the colour temperature in the range 1,800 K to 8,000 K.

Outlook for the future

In addition to the current product highlights, Cameo is also offering a first glimpse of the future of lighting technology at ISE 2024. No names can be mentioned yet, but this much can be revealed: it’s going to be big and powerful!

Illuminate Beyond Limits. The Blueprint of Tomorrow. The Future starts at ISE 2024!

Visitors to ISE 2024 can find more information about Cameo’s lighting solutions at the Cameo booth 1E500 in Hall 1.

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