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Cameo Light Lightshow Rea Garvey Roots Tour Light Design by Chris Rocketchris Glatthor

Back to the Roots – Chris Glatthor and Cameo on Rea Garvey’s club tour

It’s been 23 years since Rea Garvey and his former band Reamonn stormed their way up the charts with “Supergirl”. Today, the likable Irishman is one of Germany’s most popular musicians and a frequent...
Cameo Light Installation TV show Frisno AZOR S2 compact moving head

Spots for the Song of the Year – Cameo AZOR S2 at the “Frišno” TV Show

Every year, the Slovenian TV show “Frišno” chooses the song of the year. The production is focused on the artists together with a big band, which accompanies each performance live. To further enhance the...
Cameo Light ZENIT W600 SMD Wash Light at Jason Derulo Concert at AKKC Aalborg Denmark

Jason Derulo Live with Cameo ZENIT® W600 SMD

On June 24, US R&B artist Jason Derulo played in front of 3,100 fans at AKKC in Aalborg, Denmark. Built in 1952 and accommodating over 40 rooms and spaces for music, cultural and theatre...
Forest concerts with Band Humblo equipped with lighting technology by Cameo DROP and ZENIT Series and MAUI 5 Go by LD Systems

Nature lights up – Humblo play forest concerts using Cameo battery-powered lighting technology

Countless new formats were created during the coronavirus pandemic so as to be able to hold live events safely while complying with social distancing rules. In doing so, people could continue to enjoy art...
Cameo Installation OPUS and EVOS at french concert Les Lézivales

The return of the cultural summer – Cameo EVOS and OPUS light up the French music festival “Les Lézivales”

Between 2 July and 20 August, thousands of music lovers flocked to the “Les Lézivales” music festival in the city of Lézignan-Corbières in southern France. It was evident how much both artists and audience...