Award-winning: Cameo at the M.A.M.A. Awards in Lithuania

The M.A.M.A. Awards are the biggest music awards in Lithuania and were presented for the 13th time this year. In front of around 8,000 spectators in the Žalgiris Arena – the largest event arena in the Baltics – the most successful national artists gathered and performed their award-winning songs on the impressive stage, designed by Julius Norušis. Lechas Bedulskij, Pijus Norušis and Andrius Stasiulis were responsible for the lighting design. Baltic Production Service acted as the overall technical service provider for the M.A.M.A. Awards. We spoke to Andrius Stasiulis about the lighting design, which included more than 250 Cameo lights.

Cameo Light Installation at M.A.M.A. Awards with Baltic Production Service OPUS X Profile OPUS H5 Hybrid Moving Head ZENIT W600 Wash Light
© Dainius Dambrauskas, We Belong in Photos

In recent years, you have used Cameo for several outstanding projects, including the open-air opera production of “The Flying Dutchman” and “The Contract” for the closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture events in Kaunas. Now you’ve done an award show. What do you like best about Cameo’s product portfolio?

Andrius Stasiulis: Regardless of the type of production, two things are crucial for me: lighting quality and reliability. Cameo offers both in full. In addition, their excellent colour mixing and high-quality LED engine help to achieve special results time and time again.

Is there a light that you always have with you? A go-to fixture?

Andrius Stasiulis: Yes, the OPUS X Profile. With its wide zoom range and fantastic colour mixing, the OPUS X Profile is my favourite front light.

When did you start planning for the M.A.M.A. Award show? What were the most important requirements for the lighting design?

Andrius Stasiulis: For an award show, it is important to develop a lighting design that is versatile and works for different musical genres – from pop to rock to electro and more. After receiving the first stage designs, we worked on the lighting design for about a month. We started with a lighting plan to complement the stage design. This was followed by renderings, coordination of details with the organisers of the M.A.M.A. Awards and, finally, programming the time code.

Can you give us an overview of your lighting setup? Where and how did you use the various Cameo lights?

Andrius Stasiulis: As already mentioned, the OPUS X Profile was used as a classic front light, but also as a rear light. Another central element was the 60 OPUS H5s, which were primarily used as beam lights for all kinds of mid-air effects. I also positioned 100 ZENIT P130 LSDs above the stage as a light matrix. For wash effects and as strobes, the ZENIT W600 SMDs were the perfect choice, combined with the ZENIT W600s as audience blinders.

Was there a performance or a part of the show that you would like to highlight from a lighting design perspective?

Andrius Stasiulis: If I had to single out one performance, it would be that of the duo Leon Somov & Jazzu. During the performance, the large video wall was only used to a very limited extent and the lighting design took over the main part of the staging. This is where the Cameo lights were truly able to show what they can do.

Thank you very much for your time!

© Dainius Dambrauskas, We Belong in Photos

The following Cameo products were used at the M.A.M.A. Awards:

28x Cameo Opus X Profile Moving Head
66x Cameo Opus H5 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head
44x Cameo Zenit W600 Outdoor LED Washlight
32x Cameo Zenit W600 SMD Outdoor SMD-LED Washlight
98x Cameo Zenit P130 LSD IP65 LED PAR Spotlight

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