Adam Hall Asia – Inaugural Distributor Summit 2017

Whilst setting up Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd as a 100% subsidiary of Adam Hall GmbH Germany, the Adam Hall Asia Team never imagined that they would be holding their inaugural Distributor Summit just two years later in April 2017 with 15 exclusive partners signed from Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. This rapid speed was possible due to the distribution partners’ high level of experience and their trust in the Adam Hall Group.
So when Chandan Mahtani, Managing Director, Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd and Bodo Falkenried, Head of Global Business Development and industry veteran, came together in late 2016, the idea was born to organise an annual summit exclusively for Adam Hall’s distributors. Both knew that the objective was to develop cohesiveness not only between Adam Hall and its partners, but more importantly, between all the partners collectively.

In all, 34 partners from 11 countries attended the summit held at Adam Hall Asia’s very own showroom in Singapore.

The main full-day event was held on April 28th with a welcome cocktail and dinner get-together the evening before as an ice-breaker to introduce all partners. The evening event was held in an alfresco setting restaurant at the East Coast Beach, serving Mexican and Indian cuisine with locally brewed Tiger Beer. With the beach just by the restaurant, the mood was relaxed, with eighties music playing over the battery-powered LD Systems MAUI 5 GO.

The summit on the 28th kicked off at 10 am at the showroom with Chandan Mahtani’s welcome speech, followed by Markus Jahnel, COO of the Adam Hall Group, providing the summit’s opening message.

The first hour was spent demonstrating new products for partners who had missed the Prolight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt. The product highlight was none other than the new iconic design concept, the MAUI P900 column PA system designed in collaboration with Porsche Design Studios. The partners could not get enough of this new innovation. It was demonstrated with various genres of music that elicited many smiles of approval around the room.

During lunch at noon, local delights were served on the showroom premises and everyone was in conversational flow thanks to the ice-breaker event the evening before.

After lunch, the summit reconvened with Markus Jahnel explaining the history of the company, its humble beginnings and the road map ahead, including the expansion and the reasons behind it. He reinforced that our partners at the summit are the pillars that drive us to strive. Without their support, we are nothing.

Markus handed the stage over to Chandan, where he hosted the Round Table Discussion. This was a special event during which all the distributors shared confidential information on their successes, challenges and solutions. It was very heart-warming to see all the partners happily sharing their experiences to help others in the room to learn and grow. There was a great feeling of comradery that clearly demonstrated that, in an ever-changing economy, it’s important to share in order to grow.

The following stage took the mood of the summit to the next level. Chandan handed the stage to Dr Michael Loh, whose specialties are in leading & managing change, leadership training and coaching, and organization development. He spoke to the house about motivation, demonstrating a highly unique method of engaging with guests that involved playing games and joking around while communicating an important message. He summarized that the reasons why people do not excel personally or as an organization are “fear, excuses and mental locks”. By the time Dr Loh’s talk had concluded, there was a great sense of belonging, a sense of being part of an extended Adam Hall family.

At 5 pm, a bus transported all the guests to Boat Quay on the Singapore River for cocktails and dinner. Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd had organized dinner at an Italian restaurant called Pasta Fresca De Salvatore, where cocktails were served on the Singapore River to the setting sun. The guests then headed up to the second floor, which had been booked exclusively for the occasion. The event ended with a closing speech by Chandan, who once again thanked all the guests for investing their time with them and the Adam Hall Group. He also added that Adam Hall is truly blessed to have them as partners.

By 10 pm the guests had said goodbye and parted ways, taking home with them memories of the summit.