Adam Hall Asia Supports “The Wicked Wallop”

The Wicked Wallop is Singapore’s event for custom and classic motorcycle with a focus on lifestyle, custom culture, music and people. This annual event is organized by Singapore Motorcycle club named the War Pigs, where people from different motorbike clubs globally who have passion for bikes and Rock & Roll Music gathered. This year, the much anticipated event was held on Saturday 7th of January. Music being one of the major highlights of the Event, Adam Hall Asia took the liberty to work with the organizers for the Sound system and Lighting: Starring LD Systems®, Palmer®, Gravity® and Cameo®.

LD Systems® MAUI® 44 was used as the front of house speaker. The capability of the MAUI® 44 amazed many in the event, commenting on the power and clarity it produced. During the set-up for the event, the organizing team actually questioned Vinod Kumar (The Technical Product Specialist) of Adam Hall Singapore, if the speakers could cover almost 300 people outdoor? However after listening during the sound check of the first band, they were shocked at how the LD Systems® MAUI® 44 performed. They were fooled by the size of the speakers.

There was a total of seven different bands performing for the event. All the band members were fully satisfied with the Palmer® amps (EINS), guitar cabinets (FAT 05, PCAB112CV75) and the DI boxes. Also showed great interest on Gravity® Stands, after the event was over, band members stayed back to analyze the products. They were all pleasantly surprised.

The LD Systems MAUI® 5 and the LD Systems® CURV 500® ES were displayed in a booth with a guitar and a LD Systems® D 1001 Mic for passerby to demo. The booth was given to Adam Hall complimentary in exchange of supporting them for the sound system. There were so many musicians who came by and taken details of the Adam Hall dealers in Singapore to purchase. “The Wicked Wallop” event was a great awareness program for Adam Hall and it’s brands.

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