In Search of the Fifth Element

That pure summer feeling plus a clear mission: to jointly unleash the fifth element. The “World of Elements Festival” took place in Fort Asterstein on September 3rd, 2016. Historic walls, mystical forests and the finest electro beats in a never-before-seen fantasy world with three spectacularly designed dance floors enticed electronic fans to the extraordinary venue. Fort Asterstein was part of Koblenz Fortress, a Prussian fortress located in the city of Koblenz in northern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, more specifically in what is today the city’s Asterstein district, from where it received its name. The World of Elements Festival exclusively played electronic music. Magical sounds, from EDM and techno to hardstyle and hardcore, got the crowd jumping. The headliners included well-known names like Angerfist, Felix Kröcher and Korsakoff (The Queen of Hardcore).

zeusaudio, an Adam Hall Group business customer, was responsible for the festival’s event technology. Based in Koblenz, the company is committed to providing professional services and relied, with good reason, on professional products from Adam Hall Group brand Cameo Light to create visual effects at the World of Elements Festival. These included several devices from the product groups Auro Matrix 500 (5 x 5 LED moving matrix), IODA 1000 RGB (professional 1000 mW RGB show laser), LUKE 1000 RGB (professional 1000 mW RGB show laser), Flat Pro 18 IP65 (18 x 10 W flat LED RGBWA outdoor PAR spot) and Thunder Wash 600 RGB (3-in-1 strobe, blinder and wash light 648 x 0.2 W RGB). To securely transport the devices, zeusaudio used cases with fittings from the Adam Hall Group’s broad flight case hardware range.

The crowd danced away to pouncing beats in the enchanted environment of Fort Asterstein until time stood still and the elements were united once again: the passionate temperament of fire; the strength, power and sensuality of earth; the inspirational creativity of air and the sensitivity and spirituality of water. In the form of the fifth element, festival-goers enjoyed a party of a lifetime with sensational live acts under a clear mid-summer’s sky.

World of Elements Festival
At the beginning of time, fire, water, earth and air created the world through the magical dance of the elements. They created the seas, oceans, rivers, mountains and volcanoes. As their elemental forces combined, time seemed to stand still. The elements were as one, together forming the fifth element, and the world turned in a state of complete balance. Suddenly, with the power of fire, the Rhenish Massif shot up out of the earth and towered high into the air. The place of the elements was born. Today, hidden amongst the forest trees on the mountain slope is Fort Asterstein. After completing their work, the elements divided into innumerable fragments. Everyone born into this world ever since has carried one of these elementary sparks within them. The spark that shapes your character, too!

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