Gravity MS 2322 B, SP 5211 B & KSX 2 – attractive and good – test report from Tastenwelt

Gravity is the stand brand from the Adam Hall Group. Three different stands are being put to the test and show that the two years spent developing it were not just worthwhile for the manufacturer.

With its new stand brand Gravity, the Adam Hall Group is showing that the mundane subject of accessories can be given a new lease of life with fresh ideas. The design phase focused on small, practical details. The gravity stands can be easily personalized and combine innovative functions with stability, durability and chic design.

Three different models from the product portfolio were put to the test: the GMS 2322 B microphone stand with a round base, the GSP 5211 B speaker stand and the GKSX 2 double X keyboard stand. All three models are made from solid, powder-coated metal with double-injection-moulded ABS plastic and die-cast zinc connectors. There are also green coding rings, which are also available in many other colours – a great feature. One with both aesthetic and practical benefits. If the band equipment travels in a box or just loose in a shared vehicle, the colour coding makes it very easy to see what belongs to which musician.

Microphone stand
The Gravity MS 2322 B microphone stand looks sturdy as soon as it is unpacked, and the clamping screws and force-reducing locking rings highlight its suitability for stage use. The MS 2322 B comes with a set of black marking rings. The screw heads and the handle on the height adjustment mechanism have a pleasant feel. The quick-release locking device with a clip mechanism enables quick adjustment. The stand has a boom with 2-point adjustment and a handy height adjustment mechanism.

The underside of the 3.6 kg die-cast round base has a circumferential plastic insert and a rubber base in the series-typical green. This ensures acoustic insulation and good stability on smooth surfaces. A handy side effect of this is that scratches to sensitive stage floors are prevented.

Speaker stand
According to the manufacturer, the GSP 5211 B speaker stand can hold up to 50 kg and can be extended to a height of almost two metres. This is plenty for the usual uses on the road. This member of the Gravity clan also impresses with sophisticated features that help to protect the materials: The threaded screw on the lower height adjustment mechanism, the actual neuralgic point, is locked with two rubber rings – so overtightening is neither necessary nor possible.

What’s interesting is that even the slanted tripod feet suddenly look straight under the stage spotlights. This effect is created by the asymmetrically positioned G-rings on the stand's legs – trendy splashes of colour with a practical benefit.

Keyboard stand
The GKSX 2 keyboard stand comes in a traditional X shape. A small highlight is the serrated fixing mechanism for height adjustment. The clamping lever can be lifted to open the sprocket wheel and then pulled back down to lock the stand at the appropriate height. Once securely in place, the musician needn't worry about whether or how long it will hold. Users will notice that they can give their stand an individual look thanks to the wide colour range of interchangeable rings.

‘Stand Your Ground’ is the Gravity brand’s slogan. The practical test shows that there is more to this than just creative marketing. The manufacturer worked with stage musicians and designers to create its products, in order to find atmospheric solutions for all types of stage shows. The GMS 2322 B microphone stand, the GSP 5211 B speaker stand and the GKSX 2 double X keyboard stand show that this intention has been fulfilled. The low prices are also welcome.

+ sturdy construction
+ high-end finish
+ good value for money
+ successful design


Source: Tastenwelt magazine, March 2016, Germany:
Author: Jörn Petersen

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