Press: Cameo with clever new effect spots

Impressive lighting effects for mobile DJs and entertainers, or for permanent installation in bars, clubs and discos – Adam Hall Group brand Cameo® has a wide range of new products available. They all offer the latest technology, long-lasting LEDs, and plenty of options for atmospheric design.
Press: Cameo with clever new effect spots
Neu-Anspach, Germany – 28 June 2016 – Amongst the six new Cameo® light effects you can find high performing specialists alongside clever new combi solutions that combine popular and classic lighting effects in a single housing. This means that more flexibility is possible for lighting design. Serum, Voodoo, Ara, Eye-Eye, QuadRoll 40 and Wayfarer are the product names for the new effect spots.

The Cameo Serum combines derby, moonflower and strobe effects in a 3-in-1 spotlight. These effects can be used individually or in any desired combination, and each effect can be individually controlled in all operating modes. For impressive derby effects there are two 9-watt RGB LEDs, each with 16 red, green, blue and white 5-mm LEDs for creating the rich moonflower effect. The stroboscope, which is adjustable from 0 to 20 Hz, uses 36 white 5-mm LEDs.

Derby and strobe combined in one spotlight: the Cameo Voodoo. Derby effects are very popular in nightclubs. The derby effect of the Voodoo works with 20 3-watt RGBA LEDs with single pixel control. It creates rich, brilliant colours. The strobe flashes with twelve white 1-watt LEDs and the speed can be adjusted from 0 to 20 Hz.

Its three-armed design and impressive derby matrix effects alone make the Cameo Ara an attention-grabber. Powerful Quad LEDs (3 watt) create vivid RGBA colours, and all 24 LEDs can be individually controlled via DMX for impressive lighting design.

The Cameo Eye-Eye is a powerful derby matrix effect spot. 24 Quad LEDs can be individually controlled via DMX, and create bright RGBA lighting effects.

The Cameo QuadRoll 40 creates powerful moving light effects with its four mirrored barrel scanners and 10-watt Quad LEDs. The scanners are powered by powerful but quiet stepper motors, and whirl rich, sharply focused RGBW beams with a 4.5 ° angle through the room.

The Cameo Wayfarer is an efficient four-eye derby matrix effect with 16 RGBA LEDs of 3 watts each, which can be individually controlled via DMX. The Wayfarer ensures a rich pallet of vibrant colours and high-contrast lighting effects from its flat housing.

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