LD Systems brings Pro Audio to Bolivia’s cities

“Home beat” is the name of a new showroom that the company Total Entertainment has opened in the South American city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Customers in Bolivia’s largest city can now discover the audio and visual features of MAUI column systems for themselves – up close and personally. The exceptionally compact solutions offered by Adam Hall Group’s LD Systems brand are very easy to carry, take just a couple of seconds to assemble and, thanks to their unobtrusive appearance, can suit any surroundings.
LD Systems brings Pro Audio to Bolivia's cities
In Bolivia, Total Entertainment specializes in the sale of high-end sound systems for home cinema. Due to increasing demand for professional PA systems in the South American market, the company started looking for an appropriate brand back in 2014 that would best fulfil the customers’ wants and needs. A bonanza was struck with LD Systems. After initially purchasing some MAUI systems for test purposes, South American customers were immediately won over by the compact column systems.

And soon, even more top sellers from LD Systems are set to be presented in the new “Home beat” showroom. Talks are initially being held about products from the DAVE and SAT G2 series. In addition to displaying them in its own showroom, Total Entertainment has already supplied various events in Bolivia with the tried-and-tested MAUI series column systems.

Luis Fernando Parada, Home beat, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: “The MAUI series is a very compact and efficient line. It is easy to use and to connect to equipment. Almost anyone can start working with it right away, even if they don’t have specialist audio knowledge. MAUI 28 and MAUI 44 are the perfect choice for meeting rooms, large audiences, conference rooms, clubs and other commercial uses. The smaller MAUI 5 and MAUI 11 can be used anywhere. They are ideal for small and medium-sized environments such as restaurants, offices, meeting rooms or even for home use. I firmly recommend that anyone interested comes and visits us so they can experience MAUI for themselves. They definitely won’t regret it.”

Gabriel Medrano (Adam Hall Group), International Sales Manager for Southern Europe/South America: “We very much look forward to working with Home beat on the launch of the MAUI series in the Bolivian market. The new showroom, and the investment of Home beat in our brand will help us increase our presence in this market.”

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