Press: 50 years of Eminence – 25 years of Eminence sales by Adam Hall Group

In 1966, Bob Gault established Eminence, a company that would become the world’s largest speaker manufacturer. This year, Eminence celebrates its 50th anniversary and Adam Hall Group celebrates 25 years of product sales for the tradition-steeped brand.
Press: 50 years of Eminence – 25 years of Eminence sales by Adam Hall Group
Musicians all around the world enjoy the sound of Eminence speakers. These shape the sound and style of unforgettable artists on an endless number of recordings through rock ‘n’ roll history. As OEM products, Eminence speakers can be found in guitar amps and pro audio systems from world-famous brands. Eminence is the only major speaker manufacturer to still have its production facilities in the USA.

Markus Jahnel, COO Adam Hall Group: “We identified Eminence’s potential at an early stage. The market leader and biggest manufacturer of PA and guitar speakers came to our attention at tradeshows and we instantly incorporated the full product portfolio into our sales range.”

Today, not only is Adam Hall Group the exclusive distributor for Eminence in Europe, but the reliable Eminence speakers have also been built into multiple Adam Hall Group own-brand LD Systems® and Palmer® products.

Eminence Chairman Rob Gault, son of the founder, regards the anniversary with a sense of pride: “The Eminence Speaker factory is like my brother. We’ve grown up together side-by-side. I’m grateful to my family for the opportunity and to God for bringing together such a great group of people who make up the Eminence family.”

By optimising costs and production processes, Eminence is now permanently reducing the price of several speakers. Special anniversary offers will also be available on selected speakers and HF drivers to mark the dual anniversary (50 years of Eminence and 25 years of Eminence sales by Adam Hall Group).

Background information
Read our Adam Hall Group blog to discover how the 50-year-old company Eminence has successfully adapted to changing market conditions and safeguarded its position as the last remaining major speaker manufacturer in the USA. The original article comes from the February 2016 edition of the Music Trades magazine. Eminence-50th-birthday

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