BPM 2015: Cameo Hydrabeam 400 & Nanospot 120 – video presentation

Cameo exhibited several new lighting effects at the BPM Show 2015 in Birmingham, UK. In this article, we will present three interesting versions of compact moving heads with premium LED technology. Although they initially look like one single and two four-light versions of the same moving heads, they are actually set up differently.

Cameo Hydrabeam 400 RGBW & Hydrabeam 400 W
Two compact four-light bars with small moving heads. The heads’ movements and lights can be individually controlled. There are two versions: with RGBW LEDs or with pure, white light. Equipped with 10-watt LEDs with a narrow 11° beam angle (Cree with RGBW, Lumin Engine with W) and an ultra-fast motor control system, the two bars made a good impression, especially with regard to their small size. The original, white output is far brighter than the white, mixed light of the RGBW version (84,000 lx compared to 27,600 lx).

The Hydrabeam 400s are made from sheet steel and premium ABS plastic. However, I would have liked a PowerCon connector instead of the IEC socket. In addition to 16 auto-programmes, sound-to-light and slave mode, the system is controlled via DMX (3-pin) with 6, 10, 19 or 32 channels.

The bar can be mounted on a tripod, placed on the floor or suspended. With a width of 81 cm, depth of 13 cm and height of 25 cm, one bar weighs as little as 7.5 kg.

Nanospot 120
The Nanospot comes with a 12 W Cree LED (13° beam angle) and, unlike the Hydrabeam 400, has seven non-replaceable gobos and a colour wheel with seven colours. In addition to seven auto-programmes, sound-to-light and slave mode, the system is controlled via DMX (3-pin) with 5, 9, or 11 channels. Weighing just 2.6 kg and with dimensions of 16 x 27 x 15 cm, it is extremely compact and easy to transport.

Approx. street prices:

Hydrabeam 400 RGBW: €499
Hydrabeam 400 W: €475
Nanospot 120: €270


Source: einfachauflegen.de, September 2015: http://www.einfachauflegen.de/bpm-2015-cameo-hydrabeam-400-nanospot-120/

Further information about the Hydrabeam 400 RGBW and Hydrabeam 400 W can be found at:

Further information about the Nanospot 120 will soon be available at:

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