LD Systems CURV 500 – Active Line Array Compact System – Gear Preview by Bonedo.de

LD Systems has already won itself a good reputation in the compact Line Array Systems market sector and is serious about taking the next step with its recently presented CURV 500, which is making great technical strides forward. In contrast to classic columns, the CURV 500 system by LD Systems builds on satellites that can be connected to form a curve, resembling larger Line Array Stacks. It’s no wonder then that they landed a coup at Prolight and Sound 2015 after the culmination of 3 years of intensive research. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this compact PA through the bonedo.de Gear Preview.
LD Systems CURV 500 - Active Line Array Compact System - Gear Preview by Bonedo.de
The CURV 500 is offered in three equipment variations, first as an Entertainer Set with a subwoofer and four satellites, then as a Power Set with two subwoofers and eight tops, and finally as an AV system with a subwoofer and two tops. The focus is on the Entertainer Setup with an output of 460 watts and sound pressure of 126 dB. This allows the tweeters to transfer the music signal in full to the auditorium, given that LD Systems has developed Wave Ahead technology that can control up to eight satellites. No matter how many tops are actually needed for each event, Wave Ahead makes sure that the manufacturer can create great sound and functionality with even a single satellite.

A top consists of a 12×12 cm box with three tweeters that are vertically mounted in front of a woofer. Four of these boxes can be placed next to each other wirelessly in a graceful arc on the SmartLink adapter, which forms the base platform. The SmartLink platform is fixed to the subwoofer using a rod and connected via cable.

In addition, the electronics of the subwoofer comes with a four-channel mixer together with a digital FX board. The mixer has Hi-Z, microphone inputs, and line inputs. The integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easy to transfer data wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. With an output of 300 watts for the subwoofer and 160 watts for the satellites in the Entertainer version, LD Systems is focussing on artists and bands, as well as smaller concert venues and theatres, who want to benefit from the incomparable quality of large Line Array systems, but do not have the space or investment power for full-size stacks.

What can we expect then?
I think we will see a new perspective in terms of sound and portability in mobile Line Arrays, and at a very reasonable price. After all, the Entertainer Set that we will launch in September this year will only cost 849 euros. In my opinion, LD Systems are treading a very interesting path here and artists and bands, both professionals and amateurs, might like to to keep an eye on whether the CURV 500 can actually create a crisp sound that translates from the stage to the cash register. And that will be the real test.

Features Entertainer Set:
– 1 subwoofer
– 4 satellites
– Base unit:
– 10-inch bass reflex subwoofer
– Four-channel mixer with DFX 16 presets
– Bluetooth
– Satellites:
– 3 tweeters
– 1 woofer
– SmartLink adapter
– Wave Ahead technology
– Total power: 460 watts
– Subwoofer: 300 watts
– Satellites: 160 watts
– Frequency range: 47 Hz
– 20,000 H
– Sound pressure: 128 dB SPL


Source: Bonedo.de, May 2015, Germany:

You can find further information here: http://www.ld-systems.com/serien/curv-500-serie/

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