Eminence CV-75 – A video review by GearGossip

Video review of the Eminence CV-75 by Thomas Schuber (GearGossip), a very talented guitarist and YouTuber from Germany.

Once again, Thomas Schuber of GearGossip tested a 12″ speaker from the Adam Hall sales brand Eminence. This review is characterised by very well chosen guitar riffs which superbly exemplify the sound of the CV-75. It is especially suited to the classic rock sound. In the test, the Eminence CV-75 outperformed the older Eminence Legend 1218. Even though Schuber found the speaker a little heavy (5 kg), the Eminence CV-75 convinced across the board. Thomas stressed that the CV-75, for example, would be ideal for studios, because microphones are only slightly or not at all affected by significant disruptions.

Many thanks to Thomas and GearGossip for this very impressive test report and we wish you all a lot of fun while watching!

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Source: YouTube.com, Germany, September 2014

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