Adam Hall Imageboard – design your case!

Adam Hall Imageboard – a unique design for your flight case!Customised flight case design has never been so simple.

• Create your own personal flight case design
• High-resolution photo printing for unique flight cases
• Recurring patterns – for a stylish look and simple handling
• Huge range of colours – your flight case in any colour you desire
• No minimum order quantity
• Design printed on standard birch plywood boards with thicknesses of 7 or 9.5 mm
– Front: customised digital print with transparent UV varnish for optimally protecting the printed motif
– Back: opposing film (default colour: black)
• Standard board dimensions: 2500 x 1250 mm
Customised flight case design has never been so simple
The Adam Hall Imageboard now offers all flight case manufacturers and their customers the unique opportunity to add their very own personal touch to their flight cases. The individually printable birch plywood boards are available in the standard thicknesses of 7 and 9.5 mm – the most popular dimensions for flight cases.

Printing occurs using a six-colour digital printing process. The design is printed onto a backing layer with a resolution of 720 dpi before being hardened with UV light. The dried ink has a slight satin finish, similar to that of high-quality printed paper. To complete the process, the corundum in a transparent layer of UV varnish provides protection and outstanding scratch resistance, as well as excellent lightfastness.

No minimum order quantities apply. The Adam Hall Imageboards are naturally also available as individual boards. Whether with exotic colours, bold prints, creative graphics or individually positioned photos – the boards give your cases an exclusive and unmistakable look. By adding emblems, logos or trademarks to your flight case, you can support your corporate identity and convey the message you desire to onlookers.Customised flight case design has never been so simple

How do you get a flight case with a customised design?

1) Huge range of colours
The six-colour digital printing process makes it possible to use an extremely broad range of print colours. Simply define your desired colour, e.g. from the CMYK colour model, by using a PANTONE code or by means of a RAL colour chart (as guidance), and send this information to your sales consultant together with your order. Please note, however, that minor colour variations may apply. A sample can be sent to you for approval on request subject to a surcharge. The use of metallic, glitter and neon colours or similar is unfortunately not possible.

Benefits: straightforward planning and processing, simple handling for the flight case production team and little waste.Huge range of colours

2) Recurring patterns
Choose a unique recurring pattern for your flight case. Recurring patterns are graphical structures, shapes or images that endlessly repeat without a border. Select the recurring pattern you desire and conveniently place your order online. A range of sample patterns can be found at

Benefits: straightforward planning and processing, simple handling for the flight case production team and little waste.Recurring patterns

3) Customised design
Work with us to plan your very own design for your flight case. This requires a high level of graphics expertise. Pictures, photographs, logos or graphics must be precisely positioned on the cutting plan for your flight case in the correct resolution. There are two options:

• You know what you are doing and are able to position the graphics on the cutting plan yourself
Simply send your sales consultant the print data. If the file size exceeds 10 MB, upload it to a website such as and send your sales consultant the download link. Our graphics department will conduct a free data check and then approve the print order.

• You need the help of our graphics department to create the print data
Please send your sales consultant all the relevant data to help us create a customised design for you, e.g. pictures, graphics or logos. If the file size exceeds 10 MB, upload it to a website such as and send your sales consultant the download link plus a description of your desired motif. Our graphics department will then contact you to go over the specifics of the project before creating the print data. We will then send you a preview for approval. If you like it, the print order will be started and the flight case boards printed. We charge €45.00/hour for this graphic design service.

Benefits: customised and impressive designs in line with your wishes. Support for your corporate identity. Innovative and trendy case designs. Plus so much more!Customised design

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