A secure hold for effects pedals – PEDALBAY 40, the smaller Palmer pedalboard

When you like to work with various floor effects, at some point you don’t want to muck around wasting precious time with the assembly and disassembly of your stomp boxes. A pedalboard is the ideal remedy for that situation. Here, the effects devices are held securely in place, are hard-wired, and can be arranged to your liking. This does not only create order around your feet. It also provides safety while performing, since everything is securely in its place. In addition to the Pedalbay 60, Palmer has now released a slightly smaller version: the Pedalbay 40. Offering the same advantages, but with a somewhat shorter width of 45 cm, it is intended for those who use fewer effects pedals. PEDALBAY 40, the smaller Palmer pedalboard

Like its “big brother”, the Pedalbay 40 from Palmer comes with nifty features. The emphasis here is especially on user-friendliness. The inclination of the pedalboard can be individually adjusted (70 to 85 mm) at the rear. In this way, the use of the second row of effects is facilitated. The adjustable angle basically improves the operation of the mounted foot pedals. Large and movable feet at the rear provide stability even on uneven surfaces.

The two inner crossbars can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of effects devices. Strong hexagon socket screws hold the cross bars in place, in five possible positions. A suitable power supply (not included) or other peripheral devices can be placed below the pedalboard for space-saving. There are four hooks to which the unit can be attached with two elasticated corner straps. The four crossbars (width 50 mm) are covered on top with Velcro. Approx. 2.5 m of self-adhesive Velcro is included to attach devices. Thus, the pedals can be re-arranged quickly and easily, at will.PEDALBAY 40, the smaller Palmer pedalboard

The Palmer Pedalbay 40 is made of powder coated aluminium; its width of 45 cm and depth of 30.5 cm provide enough room for numerous effects pedals. Also included is a padded carrying case with detachable shoulder strap and a spacious accessory compartment for transporting to the rehearsal room or to the next gig. The hex wrench to adjust the middle crossbars is supplied as well as two black elastic straps for attaching an optional power supply.

The Palmer Pedalbay 40 is available at a price of € 99.00 RRP.

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