Palmer Monicon, and the volume is right!

The wonderful people at Adam Hall knew that they had come up with a real gem… They were so convinced of that fact that they let me use this extraordinary piece of engineering for a test. An absolutely straight axis of rotation, no clearance, made of metal and a remarkable weight. I feel almost humbled by the presence of such a masterpiece! If I had to give it a star rating, I would give it 6 out of 5. I cannot imagine how you could make this any better!

This enthusiastic rave comes from Knob Feeel: http://knobfeel.tumblr.com/

With the Palmer Monicon, your monitor volume is always under control. The passive mini-mixer with the oversized control is inserted between the stereo output of the notebook, PC or interface and an active monitor system and thus permits convenient and precise volume control of the monitors from the workstation. The passive circuitry having only few components has absolutely no effect on the sound. Mute and Mono buttons allow you to mute the outputs and sum the stereo output signal into a mono sum.

The Palmer MONICON is available at a price of € 75.

Additional information is available at:

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  1. I just received it and its really nice replacement of my TC Level Pilot, but one little thing about it is, the lower the attenuation on the Monicon, the more the stereo signal is panned to the left ”although by switching to MONO its completely balanced L&R even at low signals’.

    This was the first thing that went through my mind with it, but it is much, much better controller for me than the Level Pilot, and also, i missed having a MONO switch in my studio at hand.


    • Hi Nico,

      Looks like the Pot has a too large tolerance. Usually these are sorted out in production – looks like this one slipped through.
      That said, a little L/R shift can happen at lower levels.

      Best regards,
      your Palmer-Team