Press: The safe harbour for your effects pedals – The new universal Palmer Pedalboard PEDALBAY 60!

Guitar and bass players know the problem only too well: when the number of anti-personnel mines rises, construction and wiring of the colourful floor effects boxes quickly becomes a time-consuming process. In this case, pedalboards are the best, most practical solution – the selection of effects can be changed at any time; the devices can be flexibly mounted and rearranged at will. Firmly connected with patch cables and powered by a multi-power adapter, the effects collection is easy to carry on the pedalboard and ready to play in seconds.

The Pedalbay 60 from Palmer always comes up with these thoughtful details, for which the manufacturer from the Hessian Taunus is renowned. For instance: the sloped surface enables stepping on the foot switch on the back row of effects; the rear feet are adjustable in height and movable for the optimum tilt angle, thus guaranteeing a firm foothold at any inclination. The two inner cross bars of the Palmer Pedalbay 60 can be adjusted horizontally and secured with Allen screws to suit different package formats. Due to the angled design of the board and four hooks, multiple power supplies can be attached to the underside of the pedal boards, with the two included elastic rubber bands. This will save space and keep everything “outside of the danger zone”.

The Palmer Pedalbay 60 is made of powder coated aluminium; its width of 60.5 cm and depth of 30.5 cm provide for enough space even for comprehensive effects collections. The struts are covered with thick fleece on top; 3m of self-adhesive Velcro are included for the installation of the “land mines”. Also supplied is a well-padded carrying bag with a roomy accessory compartment and detachable shoulder strap that effectively protects the loaded pedalboard during transport.

The Palmer Pedalbay 60 is available at a price of € 128.00 MSRP.

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