The WS 1G8 R from LD Systems – Test Report by ISP Musica

The new LD Systems WS 1G8 is a LICENSE-FREE* True Diversity wireless microphone system with 192 UHF channels, providing a natural sound with a large dynamic range, a high signal-to-noise ratio and a low total harmonic distortion in the frequency range 1785 – 1800 MHz.
The LD MEI 100 G2 allows for the simultaneous operation of up to 6 systems and is available in different versions: You can choose between a handheld dynamic or condenser microphone or a belt-pack transmitter with your choice of a headset, a lavalier microphone, a clamp-on microphone for brass instruments or a guitar adapter cable. The system provides a uniform sound reproduction in a frequency range of 60 Hz to 16 kHz. Both the hand-held microphone and the beltpack have an LCD screen that displays the channel, group and battery status. The automatic channel search (ASC) and the multifunction display on the receiver provide a simple configuration and easy operation of the system. With high quality batteries (AA), operation times of up to 13 hours can be achieved.

Let’s have a closer look at the wireless system WS1 G8 from LD Systems. We have here a device with a receiver and a transmitter (in this case, a hand-held microphone). The kit is packed in a lightweight, sturdy plastic box with clasp and carrying handle, that is practical for safe transportation. Inside, we find the accessories: two antennas, a jack/jack cable (TRS 1/4), the power adapter and two AA batteries for the microphone.

We like the idea of being able to mount the system on a rack (this is possible with the rack adapters sold separately), even if the equipment is only briefly placed here… We place the receiver one metre off the ground with upwardly-oriented V-shaped antennas, to establish a direct line of vision between the transmitter and receiver.

This is a modern, well-designed device with a digital information display, located on both the transmitter and the receiver. Let’s look at what it has to offer. Here we have the Power button, the Set button (to operate the menu screen), the Volume buttons, the Setting button for the infrared frequencies (ASC button), the infrared port, the antennas LEDs, the VU meters for sound level and frequency, the VU-meters for the audio level and the illuminated multifunction display.

Here we have the connections for the two antennas, the balanced XLR output, unbalanced jack output (TRS 1/4) and the mains connection

The package contains a sturdy hand-held microphone and two batteries. Our setup came with a backlit LC display. In the diagram:

MICROPHONE HEAD backlit LC display. Here, group, channel, and battery status are indicated. Further elements are the On/Off switch, signal amplification control, battery compartment (practically and safely located in the bottom part) and the infrared (IR) port on the lower part of the microphone. This is very handy: you can achieve perfect synchronisation by pressing the ASC button on the receiver and pointing the lower part of the microphone towards the receiver.

Due to the stability and the good price-performance ratio of its systems, LD Systems has become one of the leading suppliers of wireless microphone systems.

Thanks to simple, practical handling, the system can be up and running quickly. We particularly liked this, because no complex settings are required. In just a few steps, using the infrared ports, the whole system is ready to go within minutes.

Well designed and sturdy equipment, very easy to install

Because of the stability, robust construction and an attractive price-performance ratio, LD Systems has become one of the leading providers of such systems. In our testing, we found that the system could be quickly configured and was stable; It features a variety of connection options, low noise and good signal strength. The displays on both the transmitter and receiver keep the user informed on the system’s status, at any given time. Finally, it should also be noted that the product comes with the corresponding operating instructions in German language. An offer that you should seriously consider when thinking about the purchase of a wireless system.

Technical Data Sheet LDWS1G8MD
Product: Hand-held Transmitter
Radio Frequency Range: 1785 MHz
Channels: 192 (16 groups of 12 channels)
Microphone Type: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: cardioid
Frequency Response: 50 Hz RF
Output Power: 10 mW
Operating Element: On/Off Display: LCD Power
Supply: 2 AA batteries with 1.5 V
Operating time: up to 13 hours
Length: 252 mm
Diameter: 52 mm
Weight: 0.25 kg

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LDWS1G8R – Receiver
Receiver Type: True Diversity
Modulation: FM
Radio Frequency Range: 1785 MHz
Channels: 192 (16 groups of 12 channels)
Antenna Inputs: 2
Antenna Connections: TNC
Frequency Response: 50 Hz
Noise Reduction: Squelch
Transmission Optimisation: THD: <0.6%
Balanced Audio Output: XLR (-12 dBV (600 Ohm), 6.3 mm jack (-18 dBV (1 kOhm))
Controls: ASC, Up/Down, Set, On/Off Indicators: active antenna (A/B), 2 VU meters with RF (A/B), LCD, VU meter with 7 segments AF
Power Supply: 12-18 V DC
Width: 212 mm
Height: 45 mm
Depth: 163 mm
Weight: 0.92 kg
Dealer: Adam Hall

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Craftsmanship: 8
Material: 8
Range: 8
Total Harmonic Distortion: 8.5
Price/Performance: 8.5
Average: 8.2

Author: Jorge Quesada


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