LD Systems WIN 42 HHD – Wirelessly Happy – Test Report by Soundcheck

Radio systems have not yet found their way into every club, but they have become an essential part of the entertainment and music industry and also enjoy increasing popularity in the semi-professional range. We now present the WIN 42 HHD wireless microphone system from LD Systems.

Win 42 HHD makes a solid, professional impression and also looks modern and stylish. Sure, looks are a matter of taste. Compared with other products found on the market, the hand-held transmitter of LD Systems is quite remarkable. With the silver-coloured head grill and black metal housing with integrated LCD-display, the hand-held transmitter boasts a high-quality appearance. Its relatively heavy weight, which is not unpleasant, allows it to rest comfortably in the hand. The look of the receiver is not quite as important, nevertheless the developers have worked hard on its external appearance: small and compact, the individual receiver is equipped at the front with a wide and easy-to-read screen, as well as a few controls.

To start off, you only need to connect the receiver to your mixing console.
On the back, next to the power connector, you can find both a balanced XLR and an unbalanced output jack. If possible, you should rely on the first one. Balanced cables are less prone to unpleasant noise and interference. It also helps to ensure that both antennas are mounted correctly (they have the best reception when aligned in a V-shape) and that the frequency of your transmitter matches that of the receiver.

You can adjust a variety of settings on the receiver. The left dial is used as the volume control and power switch. Pressing on the unit for two seconds turns it on. The LCD display provides information on relevant data such as output level, signal strength, battery status, frequency, group, channel and more. As previously mentioned, the display is relatively wide and therefore very clear. Use the slider to the right of the display to enter the menu. By turning the dial to the left or right you can navigate up or down in the menu. However, it takes a little while to get used to the fact that turning the dial left means going down the menu and turning it right going up the menu – it is usually the other way round. Under “Advanced” you will also find an equalizer, or at least a representation of one.

You cannot really adjust anything here, but at least you can increase the treble and lower the bass. It is better to use the EQ on the mixer, if one is being used. The group (Group) and the channel (Channel) settings are much more important. Each of the 20 groups has 32 channels, for which different frequencies are allocated. In total, there are 577 fixed frequencies available on the WIN 42 HHD. With the menu item “Channel Scan” you can automatically search the device for an interference-free frequency.

The hand-held transmitter is unfortunately not so convenient to use. Using the “Set” and “Select” buttons, you can work through the menu. If you want to change the group or channel, the device unfortunately lacks the ability to select a new one by moving up or down, as is the case on the receiver. Therefore, you will need to hold down the “Select” button until the desired value is displayed. If you release the button too late and miss it, you need to repeat the whole procedure again from the start. I would not want to over dramatise this here, but in many situations, one would wish for a quick on/off switch – especially when time is a bit short and the stress level increases. In addition, it is unfortunately not possible to enter a pre-determined frequency, and you have to rely on the fixed frequencies provided.

In total, 577 fixed frequencies are available on the WIN 42 HHD.

In field tests, the wireless microphone system scored well. The WIN 42 HHD has a high range of up to 250 metres in free field. We even tested the product at the edge of a forest. Hills and trees by no means affected the transmission and the signal remained constant and neutral for a long time. The system is assembled and ready for operation in just a few minutes. The included accessories rack kit allows the device to also fit in the side rack. Thus, it is flexible and suitable for professional use.

Unfortunately there are some pitfalls and barriers when using radios.
If you are using a radio system in the 710-790 MHz range of the UHF band, you will have to register it with the authorities. There is a one-time fee of 130 Euro per radio system, regardless of the number of devices. In addition, an annual fee of 10 Euro per channel is required for a wireless microphone or handheld transmitter. This can add up fairly quickly. If you ever decide to buy a new system, it must also be registered for the same amount, unless it happens in the same year, in which case it will “only” cost 65 Euro. Once the red tape is dealt with, you can officially use your devices.

In some areas, you may encounter interference in the wireless network. This may come in the form of noise and unpleasant sounds. The first step is to establish whether in your vicinity, more radio links have been set up on the same or neighbouring frequency. Typically, a frequency interval of 250 kHz is sufficient. So for example, if your transmitter is set to 740.000 MHz, then the next one will have to be set to at least 740.250 MHz or 739.750. Interference may also originate from other sources (radio masts etc..) which may, through a possible defect, emit unwanted signals on your frequencies. Unfortunately, you are ultimately powerless against this. The best you can hope for is to find available frequencies that you can use. Fortunately, this represents a rather exceptional case and happens relatively rarely.

The LD Systems WIN 42 HHD turns out to be a high quality wireless system for both beginners and advanced users. It is ready to use in minutes and impresses with its high-quality and modern design. The menu on the receiver is designed to be simple and allows a fast access to all the relevant parameters and settings. Quality and range leave nothing to be desired. With a price of 459 Euro, it is ideal for beginners. I wish you success and a lot of fun with this wireless microphone system.

LD system WIN 42 HHD
Distribution: Adam Hall, www.ld-systems.com P
rice: (RRP) € 459

+ Excellent value for money
+ easy to use + High Range
+ for beginners as well as for advanced users
– a rather complex menu navigation (hand-held transmitter)

Complete product information is available here:

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