Let’s make love – the Palmer FAB 5 is available now!

When it comes to guitar amps, tube amplifiers are the uncontested No. 1. The Class A design is usually considered to be the ultimate. It is often preferred in studios for recording, but is also thoroughly band-compatible provided the drummer has some subtlety.

The brand new Palmer FAB 5 Combo is a classic single-ended amplifier with an output of 5 watts which, in conjunction with the built-in 10″ Eminence Ragin Cajun speaker, provides for plenty of power and punch. The cabinet has its own impressive retro chic look. The all-tube circuitry uses a 12AX7 in the preamp stage, complemented by a 6V6 power tube and an EZ81 rectifier. The FAB 5 produces the distortion typical of Class A amps with harmonic overtones and responds precisely and directly to picking dynamics and the guitar volume controls. This makes it especially suitable for classic blues and rock sounds. A boost control increases both the volume and distortion level for harder sounds. The boost function is constantly activated. In addition, it can be switched on and off for rhythm and solo settings using any ordinary footswitch.

Next to the footswitch socket, the Palmer FAB 5 has an 8-ohm output for connecting an external speaker cabinet and, as a special feature, has a built-in power attenuator that reduces the volume to living room or bedroom level – perfect for those late-night practice sessions. The Palmer FAB 5 is available at a price of € 499.00 RRP.

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