White is the new Black – Enter the LD Systems Photo Contest!

LD Systems celebrates the long-awaited summer 2013 and gives YOU a chance to win a very luxurious package full of high-quality holiday feelings!

One lucky winner will receive the elegant Maui28 in white, a MOËT & Chandon Ice Imperial Set and exclusive Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses with a total value of 1540 €!

All you have to do is upload a picture of you in a complete white outfit!

You look great in white? What are you waiting for?

How to enter:

Step 1 (12.08.13 ⇒ 25.08.13):
Dress up for the white party! Sign up on http://bit.ly/19n30y0, be creative and upload a nice picture of you dressed in white from head to toe! You may upload as many pictures as you want!

Step 2 (12.08.13 ⇒ 25.08.13):
Invite your friends!
Spread the word to get the most votes – tell your family and friends they should get ready to vote for your photo!

Step 3 (25.08.13 ⇒ 02.09.13):
Party time – luxury & white style!

The voting opens, the party begins, you look great in your white outfit so try to get the most votes to win our luxury package!

Who wins?

The picture with the most votes!


12.08.13 till 25.08.13: Contestants can upload their photo (you may upload as many photos as you wish)

25.08.13 till 02.09.13:  Your friends and family can vote for your photo (once every hour). The voting phase is open for 7 days

02.09.13: The winner (photo with the most votes) will be made public

The contest is open to citizens of all countries who have reached the age of legal majority in their own country (e.g. Germany: 18 years old / USA: 21 years old and so on…)

More information about the LD MAUI28 in White:

Find more white beauties on the LD Systems Website:
LD Maui11 W:
SAT 82 G2 W:

Have fun!

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