Maximum comfort when choosing an amplifier and speaker- the Palmer Matrix at Thomann

The modular design allows the Palmer Tone Surveyor system to expand to a maximum of 180 amps and speakers, which can be compared with each other “as easily… as switching a preset on an effects device,” said Werner Michel, head of the guitar department at Thomann.
Each connection can be switched within seconds via power relay to find the perfect combination of amp and speaker for the customer. The time-consuming repositioning of speaker cables is no longer necessary, and tube amplifiers, which always require an output load, are protected from idling and damage during the switching process through integrated dummy loads.

For guitarists who have already made a preliminary selection, the Palmer Matrix has an “exclusive” mode with footswitch, which allows 3 amplifiers and speakers, an amplifier to 3 cabinets or 3 amps to only one cabinet to be compared without interruption. Thus, three musicians can use the matrix at the same time for a spontaneous jam using their individual set-ups, a galvanic isolation of the amplifier preventing any ground loops. Customer amps and speakers can be easily integrated into the Palmer Tone Surveyor system.

The matrix consists of individual modules for the amplifiers and speakers, each with 6 ports; unused ports can be locked to prevent incorrect operation. Amplifier and speaker modules are connected via a 3-BUS system and multi-core cables with Speakon NL8 connectors, a cross section of 4 mm² per line which excludes any sound loss. For an overview, the selected amps and speakers are displayed on the switch by a seven-segment display; LED light chains installed above the devices illuminate the played parts. Thus, the Palmer Tone Surveyor system offers greater comfort when testing amplifiers and loudspeakers, and even amps and speakers brought in by customers are easily integrated into the Palmer Matrix for a convenient comparison at Thomann.

Here is where you will find the report on the newly designed test chamber with the Matrix at Thomann:

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