DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Security Level 1+ for the US President in Berlin

Germany had been waiting for this: Five years after his last visit, US President Barack Obama landed in Berlin. Extremely tight security precautions were implemented in the capital. Security Level 1+ didn’t apply just to the President. The complicated system of cables at the Brandenburg Gate was also extremely well protected by DEFENDER cable protectors. The protectors used were DEFENDER XXL cable protectors, which offer 5 oversized cable channels and a load capacity of approx. 6t on an area of 20×20 cm. They also provide optimum protection for power cables. Adam Hall has been developing and manufacturing the DEFENDER Series for fifteen years now. The success story of the cable protectors is attributable not only to increasingly stringent safety standards and the general professionalization in all industries, but also the low cost of the products by virtue of their long service life and high degree of flexibility.

All information about the DEFENDER XXL is available at:

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All information about DEFENDER cable protectors is available at:


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