Tech Talk – Palmer Eins – Full Tube Guitar Amplifier 1W

Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers.

Hi, and welcome to another short Palmer video.

Today I’m going to talk about this new little mini amp, the Palmer EINS. You might have seen the other video on YouTube where Markus is playing the amp. Today I’ll talk about its features.

The Palmer EINS is an all-tube 1 Watt mini guitar amplifier. It uses two tubes, one ECC 82, and one ECC83 as the power tube. Otherwise it’s quickly explained. You have a guitar input, a volume and a tone control, and you’ve got a boost switch for a higher gain level, and of course the power switch. That’s it from the front.

When I turn it around it gets interesting. At the back we have two speaker outs of course , 8 Ohms and 16 Ohms, and you can use one or the other. And then you have two really cool outputs.

One is a simulated out. This actually uses the same technology as our PDI09 Speaker Simulator which is that little blue box that a lot of you may know. So this actually uses the identical sound module. It’s as if you had a whole PDI09 in here set to “normal”.

So with that you can actually go directly to your recording device, or to a PA system, and have a simulated out signal which sounds just fantastic.

The Hi Z output is something really unique, and it opens a whole new world of options. With this, you can actually take the output of this amplifier and plug it into the input of another amplifier. So you can actually use this little 1 Watt guy as a preamp for a 100 Watt amplifier, either as a power boost with the sound characteristics of this amp, or just use it as a preamp.

Or you could use it on your pedalboard. You can actually put it on your pedalboard and plug your guitar in here, go from the Hi Z out into your pedals and then to the big amp, or you can go directly to the big amp.

Now you might ask, okay, what’s with the speaker outputs? This unit has an integrated load. If there are no speakers connected the internal load is switched on, and the amp is safe.

These are some of the options that we can think of. We’re sure there’s a lot of other possibilities, as well.

To sum it up, you have a small all-tube 1 Watt mini amp that you can connect to speakers, to your recording device or PA system, to another amp, or to your pedals. So that’s four really cool options from this little amplifier.

We’re really proud of this little amp, and we’re sure you’ll like it. So give it a shot, and thanks for watching!

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