Palmer EINS – Amazingly versatile!

Low-powered guitar amplifiers have long been popular as “environmentally friendly” practice amps, but are also preferred by numerous professionals for studio recordings. Even onstage, one encounters these small amps more and more often, because they make it possible to overdrive the power stage at bearable and easily controllable volumes.With the EINS, Palmer presents an amp head that is professionally equipped with well thought-out details and suitable for many applications. Of course the EINS uses all-tube technology and has an output of 1 watt, which is surprisingly loud when paired with efficient speakers. The pure Class-A design offers precisely the tonal characteristics and playability so coveted by many guitarists – rich overtones, harmonic power stage distortion, responsive dynamics, and soft compression. The preamp is built around an ECC83; the power stage uses an ECC82 in single-ended operation. A solid state rectifier guarantees a wide dynamic range.

“Small amps are “in”, but many are inconsistent in terms of circuitry. We wanted to develop a small but noble and pure tube amp,” says Palmer product manager Robin Henlich. “In addition to the all-tube circuitry, the amp also offers a speaker simulated out (which uses the same sound module as the PDI09), a high impedance out (the amp can be connected directly to the input of another amp), 8- and 16-ohm speaker outputs, and a built-in load. The others just don’t have this many features!”
The controls have been kept to a minimum in the interest of transparency and a direct, unadulterated guitar sound. The only controls on the front panel of the amplifier between the input and the power switch/control light are the volume and and tone controls and a boost switch for boosting the gain.

The rear panel holds two surprises in store in addition to the Euro power socket and 8- and 16-ohm speaker outputs. A speaker simulation output makes it possible to input the EINS straight into a mixing desk, sound card, etc. A built-in load box means it isn’t necessary to connect speakers. The second surprise is the unique “high-impedance output”. This makes it possible to connect the EINS to another amplifier or use it as a preamp with power amps. It can even be integrated in a pedal board and used via looper as an overdrive/distortion effect.
The Palmer EINS is painstakingly crafted using selected components and has a sturdy sheet-steel housing with the same look familiar from the Palmer DREI. Its numerous potential applications make this little amp the ideal tool for tone purists, in the studio, in home recording environments, and as a first-rate practice amplifier.

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