Product Video: LD Systems MAUI 11 – All-in-one Array System

MAUI 11 is a compact PA system. It was designed for the sound reproduction of live and recorded music for an audience of up to 100 people. The system is active, and the amplifier module is integrated into the subwoofer. The output power is 340 Watts RMS. The design of the MAUI 11 is the consequent result of LD Systems’ research on sound dispersion. It provides a wide and consistent sound distribution reaching out to every corner of the location.

The sound of the MAUI 11 is smooth and punchy, smooth thanks to the array configuration, punchy thanks to the V construction of the subwoofer.

With standard speakers, the front rows often get their ears blown away while the audience at the back doesn’t hear you well enough. With the MAUI 11, you will have a pleasant sound at the front and on the sides just like at the very back of the venue. Everyone attending your performance can enjoy your music or your speech to the fullest.
The MAUI 11 and its array configuration bring another major advantage along with the natural, powerful and smooth sound – the absence of feedback when you use it as a monitoring system. Most monitoring systems generate an awful lot of feedback when you place a microphone right in front of them and you start singing or speaking. But the MAUI 11 doesn’t.

With one MAUI 11 placed behind you on stage you will have both a monitoring and FOH system.

The MAUI 11 features two components – the tower subwoofer and the array column. The subwoofer has two speakers in a V construction taking care of the low frequencies, but it also integrates the amplifier module, the LD Systems LECC DSP, the digital protections, and also the connection and control panel of the system.

The back panel allows for the connection of any device with line level output, either with RCA, XLR or jack connectors as you wish.

The array column is equipped with eight 3” speakers taking care of the mid/high frequencies, and at the top of the column you have a 1” tweeter distributing the high frequencies within and above the listening area.

The connection of the column to the subwoofer is via a multipin connector.

The total absence of cables as well as the very lightweight components enable you to set up your PA system in less than 5 seconds giving you more time to focus on your performance.

The heart of the MAUI 11 is the LD Systems LECC DSP. DSP is an acronym for digital sound processing, and LECC stands for limiter, equalizer, compressor and crossover.

The limiters protect the speakers and prevent from sound distortions that are due to clipping. The frequency bands bass, mids and highs are processed by separate limiters limiting the signal if it exceeds a specific level that could have negative consequences. All in all this allows for a higher sound pressure level because the extreme signal peaks are limited automatically without having to reduce the volume of the system.

The multiband equalizer processes all the frequency bands. It is used to get the best tone from your system.

The compressor provides a bass boost at low volumes giving more punch to the MAUI 11. When you increase the volume the bass boost is reduced proportionally. The result is a constantly controlled and perfectly adjusted bass response.

The crossovers control the separation of the frequency bands to the individual speakers of the system. In other words, it delivers the correct frequencies to the appropriate speakers.

Transporting your system is also very easy thanks to the optional transport bag for the column and the comfortable handle which is placed at the top of the subwoofer.

The MAUI 11 is an elegant sound system reproducing your sound truthfully and naturally. It is extremely easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to use. Everything in this system was designed to let you focus on your performance and give the best of yourself at all times.

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