adam hall Hardware 0135 KIT – Repair Kit for Flightcase Surfaces

In this video adam hall´s hardware manager Martin Bitterlich introduces the adam hall flightcase repair kit. This kit is the perfekt solution for fixing a case with small damages and scratches.

Martin Bitterlich: “Hello, my name is Martin. I am product manager for flightcase hardware at adam hall. Today I’d like to introduce our handy and helpful repair kit. A typical situation in the daily routine of a case builder is the need to fix a small damage on the surface of a flightcase or speaker cabinet. For this purpose the repair kit is the perfect solution.

The kit contains the following parts: instructions for use, a small box with four wax sticks in the most common colors with space for an additional wax stick. Other colors are available on request. A piece of tissue to clean the tip of the melting device, a universal scraper containing one piece of matting and polishing fleece each, and the melting device.

The melting device is battery operated and uses three AA sized batteries. The cap protects the tip, and it also locks the operating button preventing the device from being switched on accidentally.

Now I will show you how it works. The standard situation is a deep scratch or a drilling hole in the wrong position. Just take a stick of wax in the matching color and the melting device, remove the cap, and we’re good to go.

Turn on the device with the switch. Pushing the small blue button will cause the tip to heat up which is indicated by the small red light.

Give the tip a few seconds to heat up, then put the stick on the tip and let the melting wax flow into the hole. Also, heat up the wax in the damaged spot to make sure that it adheres perfectly to the surface. So much for the first step. Don’t forget to clean the tip while it’s still hot.

As soon as the wax has cooled down completely we start the finishing process by using the scraper. The scraper is used like a rasp to even out the wax-filled spot. Now it gets a little tricky.

We want the repaired spot to have the same texture as the original surface. To achieve this we use the sharp edge of the scraper to rebuild the texture on the plain wax as much as possible. The more time you spend on this the better the result. It’s up to you how perfectly you want the texture to be rebuilt. The main goal is not to have a simple plain spot of wax.

For the last step we open the back of the scraper which contains two pieces of polishing and matting fleece. We use the green side of the polishing fleece to give the repaired spot a final touch. As a result the damage has become more or less invisible.

Afterwards you should clean the rasp by using the serrated edge of the red part of the scraper scratching off the remains of the wax. Put everything back into place, and the job is done.

I hope you will like this product as much as I do.
See you soon, goodbye!”

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