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Last May, Guitarrista had the pleasure of visiting the Showroom of the German company Adam Hall in Barcelona. Although the company sells many different brands, our interest today revolves mainly around the Palmer brand which focuses on products for the guitarist of today.

Since the company’s beginnings of custom-made and modified amps, Palmer has established itself as a highly regarded brand in the music industry. One of the main reasons for the company’s success is its close cooperation with musicians – a decisive factor when it comes to drawing on their first-hand experience playing live and in the studio in order to build the best possible equipment. Moreover, it should be added that Palmer offers optimal value for money: their product range includes first-class products to suit any budget.

In addition to the pedals and guitar combos, they also have a wide selection of custom, load-your-own guitar speaker enclosures, as well as the familiar speaker simulators and numerous accessories that make work easier and more interesting for audio engineers. During our visit, we were able to try out some of this season’s most outstanding novelties in amplifiers and pedals. Demos will be published in this magazine over the coming months. The range of products offered by Palmer comprises the following: switchers, speaker simulators, specialised DI boxes, splitters and mergers, guitar amplifiers and cabinets, power supplies and guitar effects.
The various customisation options are, without a doubt, one of the main strengths of this company. Take for example, the speaker chassis: you can choose between either the high quality Eminence or Celestion speakers (selectable on boxes with 1 to 4 funnels, both in horizontal and vertical orientation). One of the main novelties this season is the new edition of the widely appreciated speaker simulator PDI-05, the tube preamplifier PMP-1, the 100 Watt guitar amplifier top Hundert with a high amplification factor, the small 5 Watt tube Studiokombo and a whole range of effects pedals (the Kaputt Octaver, the Automat Autowah, the analogue Delay Timepressor, the eight-channel switch Octobus, the network component PRMPWT06 for six pedals and the AB switches).

We will test some of these new releases in the coming editions. Among the artists who work officially with Palmer: Joe Bonamassa, The Black Keys, and Def Leppard.

Address: C/ Londres nº 71 – Local 08036 BARCELONA

Adam Hall was founded in the 1980s in Germany, but was already active in the UK in the 1960s. Initially focused on the production and sale of components for flightcases, the product range was soon extended to all sorts of devices for professional audio. Today Adam Hall is an internationally recognised brand with 130 employees worldwide, over 4,000 own product references and from many companies in the audio systems industry, such as: LD Systems, LD Premium, Palmer PRO, Palmer MI, Cameo, Defender, Faital Pro, Eminence (speakers), BMS (speakers), Audac, Neutrik (plug connectors), Amphenol and K&M (stands and tripods). The first headquarters was in Neu-Anspach in Frankfurt in Hesse. In 2008, a new 6500 m² eco-friendly logistics centre was established on Daimlerstraße. The photovoltaic cells used at the site contribute to the protection of the environment and provide the district with renewable energy.

Source:, Spain, June 2014
Author: Javier Santos

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