Palmer Pocket Amp – Product Review by Christophe Godin

Video review of the Palmer Pocket Amp by Christophe Godin, godlike guitarist from france. He is a proud member of the Palmer endorsement family and just loves his little Pocket Amp, which is with him on the road almost everytime.

CHRISTOPHE: Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite conveniences when I’m on the road. It’s called the Pocket Amp from Palmer, and it’s a very cool tool because it can be used in various situations, and it’s very accurate in all of them. At the back you can find interesting connections such as a way to plug it into an amp or into a PA system. You can play your playbacks and everything along with the Aux In connection. You also have a phones connection. Of course you have the input over here to connect your guitar, and the cool thing is that it has a lot of different presets so you can get almost all the sounds you want to have. You can choose the kind of amp you want to use, the channel of the amp, that is Clean, Crunch and Heavy which means lead. And you can also choose the way the microphone will be put in front of the cabinet depending on the kind of sound that you like. You have a ground selection here. You can just choose the amount of distortion you’re going to have, the overall level, the treble and the bass, and all of this in a very small little piece of gear, and very light. You can of course put a battery in it so you can play wherever you are, or of course you can use the power supply over here.

And I find it great because depending on what you want to do, if you want to use it as a distortion pedal or if you want to plug it into a PA system or just make some demo or even, you know, finish business with the sounds that you have in there you can fix almost all situations. So I’m going to try to show you how it is used and to make you hear the sound of it. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to plug it right into my PA system so I’m going to be using the XLR output just to get the maximum of the sound but you can also use, of course, the regular output. And that’s the way it sounds!

So I’m going to play some riffs for you using the Pocket Amp directly into my PA system just adding a little reverb just to get some room to the sound. Here I’m using the British sound, I’m using the crunch channel. I turn drive all the way down to get a Hendrix kind of sound, you know, like…

And I’m going to dial in a little more distortion now, and you get a very heavy metal 80ies or 90ies kind of sound which is really cool.

And of course, the more distortion you add the more you come close to what we’re using nowadays. What’s this sound? There’s something in the bay that goes wheee… but we don’t care because we’re going to be louder!

Now you can use the clean setting of the amp, too, which is going to give me a nice 70ies kind of sound.

Of course I can’t show you all the sounds that you can get because there are so many. And that’s the way I use it when I plug it directly into the PA system.

Now you’re going to hear it as a distortion pedal so I’m going to plug it into an amp using the clean channel, and I’m just going to use it as an overdrive first, and then I’m going to tweak it over here, and you’ll really hear it as a distortion pedal. The only thing is that you have to control it with your finger because if you step on this you might destroy it!
So now I’m using a small amp which is a tube amp on the clean channel…

…and I’m using the Pocket Amp as a distortion pedal, and it’s an amazing distortion pedal and very easy to set.

Of course, depending on the amount of distortion I’m going to set I can use it as an overdrive just to get some hard rock sounds, you know…

…and you can also have a very smooth distortion when you want to play blues, for example.

I’ll dial in a little more treble just to have it sounding a little more aggressive.

So once again, here the controls are very precise and accurate, and you can achieve all kinds of sounds that you want to get which is really cool.

And now finally I’m going to play it using headphones so you can hear how it sounds and how to use it when you use it as a small personal amp just for working in a public place or in a hotel when you don’t want to bother the people around. And now the situation where I use it the most, when I’m in a hotel or in a public place, when you’re wating for something to happen. And it’s probably one of the most useful things I’ve had with me on the road those last years. It’s to use it with headphones, so here is the sound! Oh my God…

Umh, I’m sure you’ll like it. It’s just amazing. Listen…

So here we are. Now you’ve heard it, how it sounds and how to use it. I hope you enjoyed this little demo. And once again, give it a try and go to your regular dealer, as we say in all advertising, and just give it a try because this is really something super and very easy to use. It’s solid as a rock and it’s a great tool, and you know, for people who are touring it’s great to have this in your pocket, as it is named. See you then, bye bye!

Thank you Christophe!

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