How to stay informed about new content at Adam Hall with email notifications

This tutorial video shows you how to get emails sent to your inbox when new Adam Hall content is online.

Hello and welcome to this Adam Hall tutorial. My name is Baptiste, I’m from the social media department. Today I’ll show you how to get information about brand new content from Adam Hall as fast as possible in a few easy steps.

The first step is subscribing to the RSS feed available on our blog. So first of all you go to the Adam Hall blog, the address is

Next you choose your language, in this example we select English.

And then you click the RSS feed symbol. Now you are on the RSS feed page of the Adam Hall blog.

This gives you the possibility to subscribe to e-mail notifications. They will be sent to whatever mail program you’re using. So you will be notified about every new article on the Adam Hall blog via e-mail in an RSS feed folder.

I click the ”Subscribe” button, and there is the RSS Adam Hall blog in my e-mail program where the new articles are listed.

Here is a picture with a summary, and I can click here for more information.

There you are. So that’s the first step you take, it’s easy and very practical.

A lot of people also want to know about our videos and when a new one is online. There is a pretty easy way to find out. All our videos are on YouTube. To receive an e-mail every time we upload a new video you’ve got to create an account in YouTube if you don’t have one already. Everybody should be able to do this. Then you sign in.

I’ve created a test account for YouTube for demonstration.

There you go, I signed in. So what’s the next step?

Adam Hall has a few YouTube channels which you can subscribe to. Go to the address field and type

There you go, I’m on the YouTube channel of Adam Hall. Now click  ”Subscribe”.

Here are the other channels you might like – Palmer, LD Systems, Cameo Light. I’m going to subscribe to them as well.

There you go, I’ve subscribed.

The next step is just a mouse-over effect. I put the mouse over this ”Subscribed” button here, and YouTube is asking me what subscription options I would like, and I can click this one here ”also e-mail me for each new upload”. With this function you get everything you want. Every time we upload a new video you’ll get a mail to the e-mail address you provided when you subscribed to YouTube.

I would like to do just the same with this cannel, so I’ll open it in a new tab.

I’ll subscribe and click ”also e-mail me for each new upload”.

I’m going to do the same here for LD Systems. Of course you don’t have to subscribe to all our channels. If you’re interested in the LD Systems products only subscribe to the e-mail notification for the new LD Systems channel uploads only.

Now I’m going to do the same here, Cameo Light And Sound. ”Please send me an e-mail every time a video has been uploaded”. There you go.

So now I have subscribed to the blog RSS feed which means I get an e-mail every time there is a new article on the blog. This e-mail will be sent the RSS feed folder right here.

And I’ve subscribed to all the Adam Hall YouTube channels – Adam Hall, Cameo Light and Sound, LD Systems and Palmer. This means I will get an e-mail every time one of these four channels uploads a new video.

So, that’s it. If you have any questions, please, write to – it will be a pleasure for me to help you, and I wish you a lot of fun with all our content.

Hope to see you again soon, bye bye!

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