LD Systems MAUI 28 – Product Review by Brian Anderson – Singer / Pianist and Entertainer

Video review of the LD Systems MAUI 28 system by Brian Keith Anderson, singer / pianist and entertainer. Brian had the chance to try and test the system during one of his gig and was kind enough to give us his feedback on that product.


BRIAN: Hi, my name is Brian. I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan, and I’ve been over here in Germany for 20 years. I’ve played piano and I sing for over 40 years, I guess I would say, and I’ve been playing for different bands. I’ve also had different bands, and I’ve played for musicals and TV shows, various piano bars, and I’ve played for some singers, some… what you would say ”bekannte” singers here in Germany, known singers. Yes, but I’m a Ray Charles fan. I’d like to mention that because I’m doing a Ray Charles show.

I’d like to tell you about my first impression of the MAUI 28. I used it for my performance in Wiesbaden at the Lumen piano bar and restaurant, and it was just amazing. Two towers, very light to carry. The bass woofer was also a very nice compact size. And to see the power that it has… you know I’m looking, of course, at the wattage at 300W. I was just highly impressed at the speed that you can set it up.

Yeah, about the Lumen club in Wiebaden… it’s right located at the Marktplatz. It’s a very large place, it’s a restaurant piano bar, and actually the whole place is like… as the walls, you know, are made of glass. So it has another level where people can also be upstairs, an open level, and you have quite a lot of people who come there, and it has a nice atmosphere. And I think the MAUI adds to it. It just compliments the whole atmosphere for this place because people like to come and have drinks and talk, and they like to hear some good music. And if they like to join ’em on they can join ’em on, you know, or they’re just having fun. And I think it fits real good because it’s the acoustics… I mean, the way the sound travels in there you have no feedback, and I mean you have glass. It’s a very hard room to play with any kind of system, and I think it works well. I was really impressed about that, with the MAUI speakers.

Yeah, I would just like to elaborate on the moment of using the MAUI 28. I mean, I had my microphone in front of me and of course I had the piano miked. I played a grand piano, and it was also miked, and the MAUI was no more than one, two feet behind me. No feedback, nothing, a very clear sound for myself and for the people that were not far away. So it was a nice feeling to feel and see the response of the people also, from the sound and the clarity. So it was just amazing, I really enjoyed it. I really like the MAUI speakers, and I would advise anyone in my line of work to listen to that system.

Yeah, the feedback I had from the bartenders… I talked to them, and they told me how well the sound was. They really couldn’t find the words for it. They were highly impressed, and I’d use other systems before using that MAUI, and even the manager came up, and he wanted to get some information about the MAUI speakers. So it was really a great sound, and I mean, it just travelled through the whole place. It’s not like a round place, it’s kind of a long place and in sections. It’s, you know, a little wide but everybody could hear what’s going on, and I’m just impressed about that. And it’s so easy to assemble, it’s so easy to disassemble, it’s easy to carry… and if you’re a musician like myself, as a pianist/singer, you want to have equipment that’s light, easy to carry, easy to set up, and yeah, it looks good. I mean, you pull up just impressed from the way it looks, it’s an eyecatcher, it’s different. And behind that you have a great sound.

I’d like to thank LD Systems for providing the equipment for me, for my performance at Lumen’s. It was a great experience for me, and I would like to share that with anyone. If you care to look me up at www.brian-entertainment.de I’ll be glad to share my impressions of the MAUI 28 speakers with you. It sure was a beautiful experience. I’m sure you would like to do the same. Thanks for watching, see you next time. Bye!

Thank you Brian! Good luck with your Ray Charles cover project also.

You’ll find Brian at http://www.brian-entertainment.de

More Info: http://ld-systems.com/370-1-ld-maui-28.html

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