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Founded in 2007 by a musician and product designer, the California-based Gruv Gear has been bringing some fabulous innovative products to the market, with more slated for 2012.

In the United States, Gruv Gear has been providing clinics and events, establishing exclusive online campaigns, and signing a number of major artist endorsements. The V-Cart Solo™ and Solo XL™ personal gear carts have already made avid endorsers out of some of the world’s top artists, including Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It” players Alex Al and Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett, Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), Norm Stockton (Lincoln Brewster), Derrick Murdock (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), DJ Icy Ice (World Famous Beat Junkies, Kanye West and Black Eyed Peas Parties, Grammy After Parties), and Ray Roman (award-winning cinematographer and named one of the top 25 studios in the world).

Right out of the box the Gruv Gear solo cart feels strong and solid. . All that was needed for for set up was to remove some wrapping and attach the wheels. The wheels came with all the tools needed, so there was no need to hunt for a screwdriver or wrench or anything.

The instructions were easy to follow and understand. The way it looks and feels is very impressive! The one inch tubing is easier to handle than other carts on the the market that have square tubing.
The V-Cart was ready to haul in the flat dolly mode right away. The versatility of the cart converting to a hand truck was very easy with the large easy to use screw handles. The handles are a heavy duty molded plastic around a good threaded bolt. I really liked that there were not a lot of adjustments for the handle. Often the teeth are too small in this area and can be difficult to find the even teeth holes. The handle has three positions, 4-wheel platform mode, 4-wheel V Mode, and the standard 2-wheel dolly mode.

The advantage to the V-cart is that it’s capable of using 4 wheels when you need them. If you realize that you have too heavy of a load you can easily (with gear on the hand truck) disengage the other two wheels. This allows you to be able to tilt the load into the V mode and makes it very easy to haul heavier loads, without the balancing act. There are two positions for this function.

You can also purchase an extension that has wheels that attach to the bed for larger hauling needs. In this mode you can tilt it back just as in solo mode, just with an extra 17”, for a total of a 42 inch cargo area.

Overall I am impressed with the Gruv Gear V-Cart solo. It has 500lb capacity, looks and feels good, and is easy to use. This cart is definitely a must for any musician who is tired of taking too many trips to the van.

Chad Bjorgan

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