LD Systems MAUI 28 – Product Review by Tobias Heiland – Ghost of a Chance

Video review by Tobias Heiland, singer / songwriter (Ghost of a chance), of the LD Systems MAUI 28 system. Tobias had the chance to try and test the system during one of his gig and was kind enough to give us an interview. Thank you Tobias! Good luck with your musical career.


TOBIAS: Hi everybody! My name is Tobias, and my artist name is Ghost Of A Chance, and I play a mix between folk music, singer/songwriter music with a little bit of indie mixed in there. And for gigs… I play a lot live, and most of the time I’m on my own on stage. Basically it’s just me playing guitar and singing.

One week ago I had the possibility of playing the LD Systems MAUI 28 live for the first time, and my first impression when I got to the venue and saw the system was, ”wow, this is a really small compact system.” And then when we basically set up I was really surprised how fast, how easy it is to assemble. With the three components basically you’re done with in two minutes. You just put ’em together and start playing.

So after we set up the system on stage, of course I took a step back to have a look at it and see how it would fit with my setup, with where I would sit, with where I would put my effect pedals, the microphone, just everything… have a look at the stage with the system on it. And it’s a really… well, how should I put it? It looks really simple but at the same time it looks really stylish. It doesn’t take away the attention, you know. Basically the artist is still in the foreground, and the system just compliments the artist basically. It’s a very stylish but simple design.

Before I go into detail describing the sound to you I think it’s best I describe what the room looked like a little bit, and what kind of setup we used. It was a rather large venue I’d say, and very high ceilings, about 6 meters, and the depth of the room was also considerable I’d think, well, let’s just say about 7 meters to the back, and I’d say 12 to 15 meters wide. For the setup we used… because of the size of the room, because of the large room we used two MAUI 28s, one to my left on stage, one to my right, and the microphone for the vocal was in front of the system. In the past when I had the microphone in front of the system I made the experience that I had problems with feedback. This was not the case with the MAUI 28, not at all, no feedback whatsoever. Basically what that means is we used no monitors at all. All I depended on was the MAUI 28, also to hear the sound myself and, well, as for the sound, it was very powerful but at the same time it was very clear and crisp and a very balanced sound basically. And despite of the fact that there were no monitors I had no problems whatsoever hearing myself which was very convenient. The angle at which the sound emanates is very high so I really did not need any monitors. We had one of the systems turned a little bit toward me, more than the other, and that worked just fine, that was perfect!

After the show I… of course it was also new for me using the MAUI 28, so I wanted to get some feedback from the audience, and after the show I talked to a couple of people who stood very far back in the room and also very far to the left of the stage at the bar. I asked them, ”so what did you think of the sound, what was your impression of the sound.” And everybody said, ”well I heard you just fine, it was really, really good,” and basically that’s also the way I felt about it. I had no problems whatsoever, and it was really, really good. I needed no monitors, and also I’d say for the gigs that I usually play one of the MAUI 28s would have already sufficed. It would have already been enough because usually I don’t play in such large venues, such large rooms. So just for me, for the kind of music that I play the MAUI 28 works out perfect.

Finally I want to say thank you to LD Systems for providing the MAUI 28 for my show, and if you would like to have any more information about the MAUI 28 you should check out ld-systems.com for any information, and if you would like to listen to my music then you should check me out on Facebook. It’s Facebook/Ghost Of A Chance, or just hit Ghost Of A Chance into Google, whatever, you’ll find me, and I’d love if you stopped by. Thanks!

You’ll find Ghost of a Chance / Tobias Heiland at http://www.facebook.com/aghostofachance

The album is available in all good music stores: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Miles-Go-Before-Sleep/dp/B003UR01MC/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1328197489&sr=8-12

Further information at: http://ld-systems.com/370-1-ld-maui-28.html

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