LD Systems Dave8XS – Test Report by Beat Magazine

LD Systems presents the Dave8XS, a fresh monitor concept that covers a broad range of applications. Can a studio monitor be a home cinema system and a mini PA at the same time?

Many home studio owners want a monitoring facility that they can use for other purposes when its not involved in production routines. Besides the pleasure of operating a high-grade home cinema, the ability to music for small celebrations or private parties is also high on the agenda. However, as the studio monitors do not offer sufficient performance, this usually remains a pipe dream. With the Dave8XS system, all that is about to change. But can studio cabinets really be so versatile?

And portable? The Dave8XS is an active 2.1 multimedia system comprising a subwoofer and two satellite cabinets. The housings are made from 15-mm or 12-mm MDF, a material that has already proven its worth at live events in a host of products. The audio inputs, as well as an IEC socket, are housed in a break-proof position on the rear of the subwoofer. Specifically, symmetrical XLR jack combi-sockets and asymmetrical cinch sockets are provided for audio signals. This system also offers control options for overall volume and subwoofer volume, as well as for the phase. It connects to the satellites via Speakon cables, eliminating any cable clutter far from the subwoofer located on the floor. In terms of speakers, the sub comes with an eight-inch bandpass woofer, and the satellites each offer two four-inch mid-range units and one one-inch tweeter.

The cabinets are driven by class A/B technology amplifiers integrated into the subwoofer. The eight-inch unit makes use of a full 150 Watts, and 100 Watts for each of the two satellites. To prevent overmodulation even at high levels, the amplifiers feature an output limiter. Other safeguards include short-circuit and surge protection. The frequency response is 45 Hz to 19 kHz, while the maximum noise pressure level is 117 dB. Although the system’s compact dimensions and weight of around 40 kg do make it portable, it is not all that easy to pop under your arm and dash to the next party.

No limits? The manufacturer recommends the Dave8XS as an all-round system for multiple applications, and the cabinets do indeed appear to be highly versatile and flexible. Although adequately compact for home use or as cinema or DJ monitors, they also offer enough acoustic power and performance to provide music at small events. This application is also supported by built-in screw threads, enabling the satellites to be quickly and easily bolted to cabinet stands. There’s nothing to stop them being wall-mounted either, making this little ensemble an installation system for bars and similar establishments.

And the editorial team can’t find a bad word to say about the cabinet’s sound: It offers fantastic HiFi sound quality that can be effectively adapted to the application at hand using the separately adjustable subwoofer. This means the bass is easily reduced for home use, making it gentle on the ears and keeping the neighbours happy. At parties, on the other hand, the volume can be proudly pumped up. Yet despite all this good news, there is one limitation: For top-grade, high-quality music production, the editors would only recommend the Dave8XS with certain reservations. The system often conceals minor details in the frequency response, and the response characteristics do not come over genuinely enough for applications such as mixdown and mastering.

DJs should be more satisfied with LD Systems’ latest innovation. The separately adjustable subwoofer, enabling fast adjustment to the changing spatial and acoustic requirements of the DJ’s routine, also scores big. The Dave8XS is being released at a special low price, and that is obvious from its accessories as LD Systems does not supply the Speakon cables needed to connect to the satellites. They will cost at least EUR 60, which should be considered when buying.

Conclusion The Dave8XS is an affordable all-rounder in LD Systems’ portfolio but cannot cover every musical and multimedia application. This multi-talented system is the ideal solution for DJs who like to take their monitors along to small parties and for the ambitious home cinema user. And in the sound studio too, the Dave8XS is a reliable system — albeit it with a docile frequency response.

For more information on this product click here: http://ld-systems.com/310-0-ld-dave-8-xs.html


  • Manufacturer: LD Systems
  • Web: www.ld-systems.com
  • Available from: Specialist dealers
  • Price: EUR 379
  • High-quality HiFi sound
  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
  • No cable clutter
  • Docile frequency response
  • Speakon cable not included


Key data:

  • Active 2.1 multimedia system
  • Eight-inch bandpass subwoofer
  • Two satellites
  • With two four-inch woofers and
  • a one-inch silk dome
  • 150 Watts for subwoofer
  • 100 Watts for satellites
  • Frequency range: 45 Hz to 19 kHz
  • Max. noise pressure level 117 dB
  • XLR/jack/cinch sockets


Source: Beat Magazin, Germany, 2011

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