LD MON 101 A – Power Dwarf – Test Report by Tastenwelt

LD Systems LD MON101A

Active stage monitors like the LD MON101A from LD Systems are ready for action very quickly and require little space. This 2-way enclosure is equipped with one 10″ and one 1″ speaker and lets instrumentalists and singers hear themselves onstage.

You will play better if you can hear yourself onstage without straining – for example, via active, compact stage monitors like the LD Systems LD MON101A. Monitors of this type are frequently known as “wedges”, because the wedge-shaped configuration angles the sound upward – straight from the edge of the stage to the musician’s ears. Moreover, because the sound is confined to the area in front of the player, you stand a better chance of attaining transparent stage sound.

Outwardly, the monitor enclosure offers no grounds for complaint. A rugged, matt black textured coating (on durable 15-mm multiplex) mainly preserves the long-term value of the monitor and offers protection against the effects of rough handling. The drivers are also optimally protected by a foam front covering a metal screen. The monitor is loaded with a 10″ midbass speaker and a 1″ tweeter. The dispersion pattern of the wedge is 75 x 75 degrees. Sufficient power is provided by a 150-watt (RMS) Class AB power amplifier, which evidences a efficiency factor higher than that of, for example, a Class A design. This makes it possible to use smaller and lighter components. All controls and connections are on the rear panel. The simple, functional layout includes a combo input (XLR/6.3 mm jack), an XLR output, a volume control, three LEDs, two power connectors, and a large, lighted power switch.

The three LEDs indicate what is happening inside the monitor: The green “Power” LED lights up when the monitor is powered, “Signal” indicates the presence of a signal, and the red “Limit” LED lights up when the limiter has been activated. The Volex power connector is lockable and thus prevents inadvertent disconnection of the power cord. It is also possible to use an ordinary European power cable without the locking function.

The second power connector makes it possible power additional monitors, which provides for fewer power outlets and better organization onstage. However, it is impossible to connect more than seven additional LD MON101A monitors with only one socket.

Installation and handling couldn’t be any easier. The two recessed grips on the sides make it easy to position the wedge. The only disadvantage: Because of the low weight of just 10 kg, it would make sense to carry two monitors at a time. With recessed grips, however, this is impractical if not impossible – proper handles would be advantageous in this regard. The LD MON101A is strictly a stage monitor, so there are also no stand mounts or similar aids to installation. The monitor did quite well in the live test. The sound is best characterised as analytical and neutral. For singers on loud stages, the midrange could be a little bolder, as with 12″ speakers. For gigs at moderate volume levels, however, the monitor packs plenty of punch and scores points for that.


Price 239 € Frequency range 90–20.000 Hz Configuration 10″ midbass, 1″ tweeter Output 150 W RMS SPL 99 dB, 120 dB max. Connectors Line-in (combo socket), Line-out (XLR) Dimensions/ weight 36 x 37 x 42.5 cm; 10 kg Info www.adamhall.de


LD Systems LD MON101A Active Stage Monitor

+ Light and compact
+ Easy installation
+ Neutral, analytical sound
+ lockable power connector
– Only recessed grips

Complete product information is available here: http://ld-systems.com/index.php?article_id=213&clang=1

Source: Tastenwelt Magazine, Germany, June 2009

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