New Power Generation – LD Systems DAVE12 G2 – Test Report by Soundcheck


The market for compact sound reinforcement systems is saturated. Any manufacturer or distributor looking to stand its ground in this segment of the sound reinforcement business had better have a lot to offer. Solid performance, a functional concept, impressive handling, and the right sound are the key parameters in this regard. Having broken into this market segment with the Dave 12 some time ago, Adam Hall is now looking to solidify its position.

That is no simple task. Especially when one of your company’s products has done well in the market, the expectations faced by its successor are, of course, noticeably higher. Typically, one must measure up not only to one’s competitors, but also to the self-imposed yardstick established by the preceding product.

What is immediately conspicuous at first glance is that above all, the Dave 12 G2 has come of age.A critical glance at the system components reveals that this set need not shy any comparison with its competitors when it comes to workmanship and handling. Which means – the boxes simply look damn good: rock-solid cabinets with broad side walls, sturdy multiplex as a base with a chic black textured coating and honeycomb perforated grilles protecting the baffles. This kind of design is also used to sell much more expensive systems. To this, add highly practical features such as built-in recessed grips, integral mounts for stands or spacer poles, and – as accessories – the obligatory protective covers and a dolly. Perfection through and through. At most, the textured coating could be a tad thicker. Only time “on the road” will tell whether this is really necessary.

The view that awaits one on the back of the subwoofer fits in perfectly with this.The connector panel also looks grown up and modern; the module takes up almost the entire rear of the cube-shaped subwoofer. In addition to the obligatory inputs and outputs in XLR or combo format, there are even RCA inputs for consumer devices. The outputs to the satellites take the form of the typical speaker pair. One last word on the topic of power connections and ventilation. The system uses a lockable Volex power connector which has now evolved into a good standard at LD Systems. A high-performance fan in the middle of the connector panel forces cool air into the enclosure. The warm air exits the subwoofer through a generously proportioned opening at the top of the control panel.

Which brings us to the question of what the new Dave has to offer.The test environment is set up quickly enough. All it take is a stand and a spacer pole to get started. The satellites are connected to the amp in no time flat and we are ready to begin. The satellites use the same variable stand mounts found in their predecessors, making to possible to tilt them upward or downward a few degrees so that they are optimally aimed for the location. This, too, is one of the practical and helpful details which LD Systems now makes a habit of including in its products.

It is possible to connect a very wide range of sources to the compact system. Users have their choice of balanced and thus professional sources via XLR or jack. Thanks to the pair of RCA connectors, however, the system is also ideally suited to consumer electronics or many DJ mixers. As a rule, however, cable runs should be kept as short as possible with this variant, since unbalanced lines are inherently more susceptible to interference than their balanced counterparts. These connectors, however, are just the thing for quickly amplifying an iPod or a comparable MP3 player.

Just as expected, the Dave 12 G2 does yeoman like service and is very loud despite its compact dimensions.In this, there is not a bit of difference between it and its predecessor. The set sounds pleasantly balanced. The adjustable bass makes it possible to influence the fundamental sound according to personal taste. It is advisable to use this sparingly, however. At high levels with massive bass, the subwoofer of the Dave 12 G2 is quick to begin rumbling and no longer sounds as pleasantly voluminous as it does otherwise.

A single red Protect LED indicates when enough is definitely enough and not when there is a merely a risk that the Dave 12 G2 could soon cross the threshold into clipping. This sounds logical enough. Otherwise, the folks at LD Systems could have put in a yellow LED. On the whole, the set sounds pleasantly balanced with plenty of midrange potential, which bodes well for carrying power in live applications.

A clever thought: In addition to the obligatory inputs and outputs in XLR or combo format, there are also additional RCA inputs for consumer devices. (p.85)


  • Power output:2 x 120 W RMS (top), 1 x 300 W RMS (sub)
  • Components: 12″ bass, 6.5″ mid, 1″ hi
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz-19 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB (1 W/1 m), 123 dB (max.)
  • Dispersion: 90° X 40°
  • Dimensions: 50 x 510 x 520 mm (sub), 250 X 400 X 250 mm (top)
  • Weight: 31.5 kg (sub) 8.6 kg (top)


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Source: Soundcheck Magazine, Germany, October 2010

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