From Halloween to Après-Ski: Cameo excels in the outdoor winter season

The cold season is always also event time of a special kind. People are drawn to winter theme parks and open-air hit parties in ski resorts. In 2022/23, Cameo was also able to score with its outdoor-capable spotlights in this area – for example, at the eerily beautiful Halloween event at Heide Park Soltau, or at the Schlagerliebe Open Air at the MooserWirt for the RTLup station. For both events, Ton- und Lichtfabrik Blankenburg relied on more than 200 Cameo ZENIT Wash Lights.

Cameo Light Installation Mooserwirt Schlagerliebe Open Air Wash Light ZENIT W600 SMD ZENIT B200 and Wash Moving Head EVOS W7
© Patrick Säly

Just in time for the beginning of the dark season, the Heide Park Resort Soltau attracted fans of scares large and small  to a family haunt in October: during the Halloween programme, a very special atmosphere, conjured up by music, eerie decorations and atmospheric lighting, spread over the 85-hectare park. The team from Ton- und Lichtfabrik Blankenburg illuminated the numerous outdoor environments and rides with 200 battery-operated ZENIT B200 LED Outdoor Wash Lights and 16 ZENIT W600 SMD Outdoor SMD LED Wash Lights and Strobes.

A feast for Schlager fans

About two months later, the filming of the Schlagerliebe Open Air took place at the cult hut MooserWirt in St. Anton am Arlberg. The lineup for the combined TV and live event included stars such as VoXXclub, Vincent Gross, and many more. For the lighting of the stage and the MooserWirt courtyard, Ton- und Lichtfabrik again relied on the IP65-rated Cameo ZENIT B200 and W600 SMD units with high-resolution colour mixing and TV-compatible dimming behaviour. While the ZENIT W600 SMDs were mostly positioned on the floor at the back of the stage, the Tolifa team placed the B200 rechargeable spotlights mainly on the balcony parapets of the hut, as well as on the edge of the stage. In addition, twelve EVOS® W7 LED Wash moving heads provided lighting and pixel effects on stage.

© Patrick Säly

Reliable in rain and snow

Both at the Halloween event in Heidepark and for the Schlagerliebe Open-Air, the Cameo ZENIT spotlights proved their outdoor suitability, in part over several weeks at sub-zero temperatures, and contending with rain and snowfall. Furthermore, Mario Möller, owner and managing director of Ton- und Lichtfabrik Blankenburg, was convinced by the uniform and intense colours of the Wash Lights. The fast and uncomplicated adjustment of the beam angle through the SnapMag filter frames also played a decisive role in the specification of the spotlights.

Solution for emergencies

Whether it was in the expansive Heide Park or at an altitude of 1,300 metres, surrounded by mountains and snow – with their powerful lithium-ion battery, the ZENIT B200s met the extended requirements of the organisers to also be able to be used as emergency lighting in the event of a power failure.

“The Cameo Wash Lights are used by us in many areas and at various events, for example at the Sparkassen Award Potsdam, the Elblandfestspiele Wittenberge, the RTLup St. Anton Après Ski, for Universum Boxpromotion, and many more.”

Mario Möller, Owner and Managing Director, Ton- und Lichtfabrik Blankenburg

The following products were used at the outdoor events in Heide Park and at the MooserWirt ski lodge:

200 x Cameo ZENIT B200 battery-powered LED outdoor wash light
20 x Cameo ZENIT W600 SMD Outdoor Wash Light and Strobe (RGBW version)
12x Cameo EVOS® W7 LED Wash Moving Head

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