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Cameo Installation at AIDAcosma christening with IP65 Outdoor Hybrid Moving Head OTOS H5

World premiere! Cameo OTOS® H5 at the ship christening of the AIDAcosma

“The world is becoming more colourful” – this was the motto for the christening of the new AIDAcosma, the second cruise ship from AIDA Cruises built to run entirely on LNG (liquefied natural gas)....
Cameo Light Installation with Cameo STUDIO PAR TRI 12 IP at Alfasoni Music Store in Barcelona

Truly Eye-catching: Alfasoni Music Store in Barcelona Lights Up Exterior Facade with Cameo

In the Catalonian capital Barcelona, Alfasoni is a renowned dealer specialising in music equipment and event technology, and is already a highly frequented magnet for artists, musicians, technicians, service providers and other trades in...
Cameo Light Outdoor Installation at Naturaleza Encendida: Beguiling Botanical Garden in Madrid with Cameo ZENIT W600 and ZENIT Z180 G2

Enchanting Winter Lightscape at Naturaleza Encendida: Cameo Lights up Beguiling Botanical Garden in Madrid

The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid is considered one of the main attractions in the Spanish capital. It showcases over 5,000 plant species and covers an area of eight hectares in the centre of...
Cameo Light Installation Outdoor LED Wash Light ZENIT W600 at Gardens at Anglesey Abbey in Lode Near Cambridge with Pearce Hire

Winter Lights: Pearce Hire Presents Cameo Gardens at Anglesey Abbey in Lode Near Cambridge

The Anglesey Abbey mansion in Lode near Cambridge is a historic crowd puller with its architecture, extraordinary interior and park-like gardens. The National Trust has been initiating the Winter Lights campaign series for a...
OTOS® H5 Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head IP65

Cameo Presents New OTOS® H5 IP65 Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head at Prolight + Sound

Long awaited by the industry, we are delighted to unveil the new OTOS® H5 for the first time just in time for Prolight + Sound 2022. Developed in Germany, the IP65 Beam Spot Wash...
Niclen UK invests in Cameo FLAT PRO® G2 Series Outdoor Spotlights for Rental Park in UK

Cameo Meets High Demand – Niclen UK Invests in FLAT PRO® G2 Series

Whether for winter festivals, festively illuminated light trails or architectural lighting applications, the demand for LED outdoor spots with IP65 certification increases every year in the UK in autumn/winter. It’s just as well that...