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We recently presented LD Systems MAILA. The Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array has been making waves and wowing live sound professionals around the world. We are pleased about the many positive feedbacks and the great interest in our new sound system. In the course of this, we regularly receive enquiries about the price of the MAILA via our social media channels. Prices are also always requested for the professional Cameo spotlights. In this article we would like to explain why we do not publicly communicate the prices for certain product groups and how the prices for the user areas B2C (consumer) and B2B (business) are composed.


We, the Adam Hall Group, are represented on the market as an event technology manufacturer with several own brands:

  • LD Systems: Audio solutions for live sound and installations
  • Cameo: Spotlights and lighting technology for stage, theatre, events and architecture
  • Gravity: Tripod solutions and mounts for concert stages, studios and at home
  • Palmer: Audio tools for unadulterated signal transmission
  • Defender: Cable protectors to protect cables and wires
  • Adam Hall Hardware: Case Components
  • Adam Hall Stage Equipment: Indispensable helpers for every type of stage
  • Adam Hall Cables: Cables for live shows, studio productions and permanent installations

Our market segments

As a manufacturer of solutions for the entire event technology industry, our products are used in various areas of application. The range extends from classical live concerts and tours to use in small and large clubs and permanent installations in restaurants, hotels, theatres, conference rooms and much more. Our solutions have also proven themselves for a long time in the architectural sector or at public festivals.

Our users and customers

Our users and customers are as diverse as the areas of application – and thus also the paths and sales channels for our products:

  • Musicians, bands, DJs and artists, as end customers(B2C/business-to-consumer), are looking for event technology for concerts, live shows, gala evenings or for use at a wedding in both stationary and online specialist shops.
  • Event technology service providers invest in professional equipment as rental customers (B2B/business-to-business) in order to use it on productions and/or to rent it out to event organisers, production companies and other service providers as dry hire providers. This type of customer usually does not buy from specialist retailers, but directly from us as the manufacturer or (abroad) from our international sales partners.
  • Specialist planners and AV integrators (B2B) are hired by companies, agencies and/or operators of restaurants, hotels, event centres and more to plan and install AV technology and requires not only professional solutions but also comprehensive technical advice and planning support during the course of a project.
  • Industrial customers (B2B) are either also manufacturers and trust in our case components and OEM solutions or rely on professional Defender cable bridges at construction sites, events, street festivals and more

Our Prices

It stands to reason that an ambitious amateur musician has different questions and demands on our brands and products than a rental company, a planning engineer or an architect and also looks for suitable solutions in other ways. At the same time, certain products are almost self-explanatory and intuitive to use, while others are used in complex, professional productions due to their functional diversity. Our employees are in intensive exchange with the latter customers from the very beginning and advise them on planning and product selection.

For this reason, we distribute our products through different channels – each of which also has its own rules and regulations regarding pricing. In the following, we would like to briefly explain these differences:

B2C products (specialised trade):

Retail products are purchased from us by retailers at cost price and then resold to the end customer – both by pure online retailers and in stationary specialist stores. For this type of distribution of our products, we provide the retailer with a recommended retail price (RRP). This recommended resale price is not binding on the dealer. As sensible as this regulation is, it is clear that we have no influence on the price of the respective trader. Here, traders compete with each other, which explains the sometimes fluctuating, dynamic prices for individual products.

B2B products (rental, installation, industry)

As the name B2B suggests, we sell here directly to professional business customers who have an extended need for advice on the use of our products – whether on major live tours, in the theatre sector or for installation projects in restaurants, hotels, theme parks, TV studios or event centres. For these users, we develop our own product series and solutions, such as MAILA, which is not intended as a high-end PA for music retailers (retail), but as a specialised sound reinforcement solution for rental companies, which then use the system with trained specialist personnel with the appropriate training and expertise. It is important for us that every B2B customer is registered with us and receives individual advice and support.

Who can become a B2B customer of the Adam Hall Group?

One of the most important requirements is the commercial use of the products. Therefore, we check each registration as a B2B customer and divide our customers according to the market segments indicated. For example, if you would like to receive a quote for the LD Systems MAILA sound system, you must meet our requirements for rental and install customers. This way we can ensure that our products end up in professional, trained hands and can fully play to their strengths in the respective area.

Here you can register as a B2B customer.


We welcome every interest and every single enquiry about our products – by email, on social media or via our website. The rule is: don’t be shy! Whether you’re a small band just planning your first live gigs or a professional event technology company handling the biggest tours internationally, our team is here for you all and is passionately dedicated to every request! Together with our distribution and trade partners, we will find the right product for you!

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