Cameo presents „Goodbye Summer 2016“ – „Le closing du Poisson Rouge“

The beach bar at “Poisson Rouge” restaurant in the southern French city of Frontignan (near Montpellier) said goodbye to the summer and to the 2016 season with a cool party. With its numerous musical and visual highlights, the event “Le closing du Poisson Rouge” drew numerous guests onto the warm Mediterranean sandy beach and into the eponymous adjacent bar. The dancing and celebrating continued well into the night.

Amongst the participants were products from the Adam Hall Group brand of professional lighting equipment, Cameo®. The company “Sound & Light” installed Cameo® products to light up the inside and outside dancefloors, and the organisers bathed the beach and its cosy lounge area in atmospheric colours from Cameo® products.

Sylvain Casses, manager of Light & Sound: “It was my idea was to transform the Poisson Rouge into something special for this year’s end of summer party, just like the famous beach clubs do.” A few months previously, Light & Sound had installed products from the LD Systems® Contractor series in the Poisson Rouge bar with excellent results.

The stars of the show lighting up the summer party were 16 Studio PAR 64 spotlights, each with twelve 12 watt 6-in-1 LEDs. Studio PAR 64’s RGBWA+UV system enables creative lighting design with subtle pastel hues, as well as brilliant, saturated colours. In the open-air lounge area, it was the UV light from these PAR cans in particular that bathed the tables and chairs in shades of violet. Playing equally important roles were four Studio PAR 64 CAN Q 8W units, which provided perfect colour mixing between full and pastel colours with their 18 Quad LEDs (RGBW). A further six Studio Mini PAR Q units with 7 x 8 watt quad colour RGBWs also flooded the external area with atmospheric light.

On the dance floor of the 150 m² indoor area of the Poisson Rouge bar, four AURO® Spot 200s were in constant motion. These RDM-enabled moving heads with 16-bit resolution feature extremely bright, 100-watt LEDs, and provide intense colours and impressive lighting effects fitting to the music with their particularly fast 3-phase motors. Specifically designed for outdoor use and with an IP rating of 65, the two Flat Pro Outdoor LED floodlights welcomed guests in the entrance area with their 60-watt tri-colour LEDs and their particularly wide 120-degree beam angle. At the end they then said goodbye to the southern French summer in Frontignan with natural RGB colour mixtures.

The organisers were extremely impressed by the whole range of Cameo® products. This was not only because the spacious outdoor dance floor was lit so perfectly with relatively few PAR 64 cans, as illustrated by the happy conclusion, but also because the special feature of being able to select only UV light from the 12 x 12-watt high-power LEDs has given the organisers completely new possibilities in lighting design. Casses regularly uses Cameo® products, and the lighting equipment used for the party was easy to use and provided fantastic colour effects. So he will certainly recommend Cameo® again and again.

“My company is still young, not more than five years old, and from the beginning, the Adam Hall Group has trusted in me with its quality products and top-level service. For me, personal relationships play a large part in the success of a long-term partnership,” says Light & Sound’s manager, clearly very satisfied.

The beach bar Poisson Rouge will begin the new season on 2 June 2017, which will run until 1 September.

Music: Cassou & Paul Cayrol
Warm up: Moreli Robin
Saxophone: Blaise Cohen
Percussion: Geoffrey Chantegril
Vocals: Alexia Blaix
Performers: Stereo-prod Agency
Equipment: Light & Sound
Aftermovie: French Touch Productions

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