Press: Win an LD Systems CURV 500 Custom Art Edition in just five minutes

Adam Hall Group is giving away unique and cool prizes for the Prolight + Sound 2016. All you need to do to win one of the three exclusive packages is answer twelve short survey questions. The website win.adamhall.com will take you to a landing page with the entry form. There is also a video that shows the development of the LD Systems CURV® 500 Custom Art Edition.

First prize – unique
There is only one LD Systems® CURV 500® Custom Art Edition in the world. And with a bit of luck the first prize winner will soon have the new portable array for themselves. The French artist Matthieu Dagorn aka “Lapinthur” gave free reign to his imagination and designed the exclusive CURV 500®. The winner can decide for themselves whether they would prefer the white AV set or the black entertainer set. In any case, the CURV® 500 Custom Art Edition combines these individual parts with a unique look and an unparalleled sound experience. The powerful 10-inch bass-reflex subwoofer and the easily configurable array system, with four satellites, provides 460 watts of rated system power as the entertainer set, or a 380 watt rated system power with two satellites as the AV set.

Second prize – Cameo® Auro Spot with your own gobo
The Cameo® Auro Spot 100 creates impressive lighting effects. This RDM-enabled moving head is much more than “just” a second prize, because, as a special feature, Adam Hall Group also treats you to an individually-designed gobo (Cameo® is an Adam Hall Group brand). It is sure to look great when the Auro Spot, with its bright 60 watt LED, moves your own lettering or image around the walls and floor. Eight intense colours, five more interchangeable gobos and a rotating triple prism allow plenty of freedom for creative lighting design. 630° pan and 235° tilt are additional features of this moving head with fast three-phase motors.

Third prize – actually five prizes
The third prize winner actually wins five impressive prizes. The lucky winner can select three products of their own choice from the brand-new comprehensive range from the music stand brand Gravity® designed by Adam Hall Group. The Gravity® brand not only offers excellent value for money and cool design, the products can also be individually marked with coloured G-rings. The cool Gravity® hoodie is always stylish, and coffee, tea or JD is sure to taste even better from the Gravity® mug.

Click here to download the Press Package (Press release in Word format in 4 languages + pictures and logos)!

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  1. The most impressive portable light sound system. Just amazing blew me away and for the money nothing is near the entry level system. Great demo and fitted into the car so easy. I might even drop my charge for dj ing now. Easy and light. Brilliant. Thank you

  2. Steelasophical have been using the Maui 28 for several years now … having migrated to RCF in recent years, we are keen to hear the difference in sound reproduction with this new CURV 500® actually in action. We perform at so many different type of venues, locations … from soft background music to music to dance and very much in need of something that can thrive in every situation. Also .. steeldrums are notoriously difficult to amplify due to the range and shifting in harmonics (something the Maui handled very well) – look forward to the opportunity of trying out this new product ….