LD Systems and Palmer support the new Jamliner Bus – Hamburg's musical bus

The Jamliner II is a former bus, which was rebuilt with help from sponsors to turn it into a mobile band rehearsal room. LD Systems contributed two DDQ 10 active speakers, a LAX6D compact mixer, and a LDHPA6 headphone amplifier. Palmer supported the project by providing high-quality DI speakers.

The bus route covers socially-disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Teenagers from twelve, who would not otherwise attend music school, can directly visit the “rolling music school” in their neighbourhood for free. Often bands come together naturally, and then they can play music together in the rehearsal room.

The project, which is supported by Reinhold Beckmann’s Youth Initiative Nestwerk e.V. is complemented by prominent bands and musicians who come to Jamliner once a week over the course of six months to support teenagers, provide them with advice, and even rehearse some of their own songs from their new albums.

Nestwerk was able to attract the famous band Revolverherd to the Jamliner II project. Besides Revolverherd, musicians such as Lou Richter and Jean-Jacques Kravetz attended the new Jamliner opening ceremony.


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