Cameo, The October test – a series of tests published in Pro Sound & Light.

Because a reader sent us two questions concerning our tests on the Cameo Flat Pro series (October, N°310), it seems useful to provide some additional explanation.

First of all, there was the question of why “the special cables for outside” would constitute a handicap. It is normal that, as a reader, you may want to know about the “pros” and “cons”, as insignificant as they may be. That is why it is not uncommon, as is the case here, that we must “dig deeper” in order to find a criticism, however “far-fetched”. What are we talking about here?

It is a fact that connectors of outdoor models must be sealed, therefore the cables must also exhibit corresponding properties. Let us remember that the cables for the connection of a single model will be supplied. But if you want to connect multiple units, you cannot use standard cables because of the specific connections; this is a pity, because you already have plenty of those!

In this case, you must buy special cables that fit on the connectors. So the main point here is that using the supplied cable is not possible if you want to connect multiple devices. So you need to buy new ones. Cameo has adapted to this situation, because you can buy cables with different lengths on their website
By the way, our readers also asked for supplementary information relating to the colour control. You have access to this option via pre-programmed macros, with which to determine the colours; most of the time, this is done via a DMX-controlled mixer, or suitable software. But the models of the Flat Pro series work extremely well with the pre-programmed macros. In the instruction manual, it is clearly explained how to choose in the menu between 15 different colours such as amber, lavender, pink, light green etc. Thus, you have easy access to a wide range of colours!


Source: Pro Sound & Light Magazine, November 2014

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