Back to the Future: Time Travel for Sound with Eminence CV-75 A

British loudspeakers from the classic rock decades are still regarded by many guitarists as the ultimate achievement. Most are still handmade and just happen to have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference… After ten years of development, Eminence is now presenting the CV-75 A, which perfectly captures this typically ‘British’ sound of yesteryear.

The material used for the membrane, which is made in England, and the powerful ceramic magnet are the essential elements. The Eminence CV-75 A, with a sound pressure of 102.2 dB, brings its distinctive vintage character clamouring to be heard. Its tone is absolutely balanced with powerful growling bass, warm mids, which are virtually tailor-made for guitars, and highs that always sound transparent and airy. This ensures that it is not only for Retro-Amps, but is also suitable for modern guitar amplifiers.

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Click here to download the prolight+sound 2014 press package (Press releases in Word format in 4 languages + pictures and logos)!

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