ah Truss – Extremely Versatile Three- and Four-Point Truss Systems

Concert stages are practically unthinkable without them, and truss systems are also frequently found in many other places: in discotheques and clubs, at public viewing events, in trade fair construction, and even in shop furnishings.

Under the name ah Truss, Adam Hall now offers the professional three- and four-point systems TRI 290A and QUADRO 290A, which are extremely versatile and suitable for all applications because of their modular design and complete selection of components. Both constructions are made of high-strength, rigid 6082A T6 aluminium alloy that is 2 mm thick. The diameter of the main tubes is 50 mm and that of the struts is 20 mm; the edge length of 290 mm corresponds to the usual standard.

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Extremely efficient welding technology ensures stable joint welds, and stringent quality control during and after production ensures maximum safety and reliable load bearing capacity. The ah truss systems TRI 290A and QUADRO 290A comply with the DIN/ISO standard 4113 and of course they are TÜV-tested.

All products in the TRI 290A Series can be found at:

The complete range of structural elements such as base plates, 90° corners, T connectors, and cross connectors, which make it easy to realize even complex truss setups, is especially noteworthy. The diversity of construction possibilities, convenient, reliable assembly, and high load-bearing capacity make ah truss systems the perfect solution for professional event technology and all conceivable truss applications.

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